About Eijun~


Birthday: May 15
Height: 175
Weight: 65kg
Blood: 0
Position: Pitcher
Number: 20 (in Tetsu's team), 18 (Miyuki's team)
Likes: fishing, watching sumo matches
Voice Actor: Oosaka Ryouta

    Eijun is the out of mind main character of the series. He has a very strong personality since the beginning of the series, where he plays in a middle school baseball team arranged with inexperienced boys and one girl that have just a strong will to play. The same Eijun knows anything about baseball, but he enjoys a lot playing with his friends with which he has a very strong bond. In the last match that this team play, obviously losing, a scout (Rei-chan) will notice that Eijun's pitches are very particular, though they're unrefined. Later, she will ask him to join Seido High in order to play with their team, but though it is a very important chance indeed, Eijun doesn't want to leave the person he loves, his precious friends. Rei-chan takes him to Seido High for letting him see what he would find if he joins that school and Eijun will be agape because that baseball is totally different from the one he usually plays. Thanks to a challenge with another player, Eijun will meet Miyuki Kazuya, the first year pitcher of the team. He is amazed from his behaviour and skill, so with the support of his friends, he will decide to leave and join Seido High, promising them that when he comes back, he will be a great player.

    Once he arrives there, everything is not as he thought, because training is really hard and his manners are not that good. From that point on, he will start to grow as a person and as a player thanks to the help of his teammates and of his coach. And even if he swears he will become the ace of the team, he still has a lot of things to learn. But determination is not a thing that he lacks, so I hope that in his third year, he finally menages to become what he desires from the beginning of the series~!



Daiya no A (Ace of Diamond)  
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