Name: Eco
Real Name: Francesco
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Purple
First Apparition: Chapter 1, Volume 1
Profession: Errant Bard & Scholar
Likes: Ribbons
Goal: Singing the song of Belca's life



Eco is an errant bard and a scholar. He's one of the most mysterious characters from the series and we can't know too much about him, just that following Kiliko's memories, he's someone familiar to the Empire, and his real name is Francesco.
He calls himself Eco-tan and he's the most close friend to Belca but he hides many things to him, even his real intensions about their journey.
Eco's personality is complicated, because he always smile with kindness but that isn't his real face and surely that isn't a real side of him.
Anyway, he's the most hilarious character from the series and the one that makes the funniest expressions in the most strange circumstances.
He uses his position of bard to sing the real condition of the country in his songs and this is the reason why soldiers and rulings want to kill him.
He asserts that his major desire is singing the song of Belca's life, that in his personal opinion will be the ones of the hero of the country. So they travel together searching for the realization of their respective goals.
Eco is lovely and knowing him is simple be in love with his eccentric and marvelous personality!



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