Hi! Welcome to "Craze of the Forbidden Love", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to DX Luccafort , the hero of the incredible series Landreaall, created and illustrated by the awesome Ogaki Chika!

DX is son of the Lord of Ecalipe, the one destined to become king, but that refuses to do something so challenging, and decides to live his life simply following his heart.
DX is tied to Marion, the spirit of the girl that years ago has protected the country becoming a singing free, and that DX loves crazily, with all himself.
It's because of her sacrifice if he decided to leave his country in order to start to explore the world, searching for something that could help him to meet Marion again.

He's smart and powerful, a great fighter and a person with a golden heart, that always tries to help everyone.
He has a lot of friends and but he feels alone from the bottom of the heart becausehe can't see Marion, but he can't know that they're linked from destiny and in future he'll find again that happiness that he was searching for since always.

The main image used for the layout is coloured by me and I'm pretty satisfacted of this graphic!
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