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Hello! Welcome to "Virtus Animi", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Karakane , a proud, arrogant and crafty character from the series Tenkyuugi -Sephirahnatus- , created and illustrated by the talented Seno Tatsune and Takamiya Aya!

Karakane is a person that always says what's is in his thought, trying to be kind and elegant with his interlocutors.
Since he's a honour student and his capacities are awesome he a group of schoolmats that adore and consider him like a leader and always follow his will.
His power is VAV and the name of his ability is Adamas. Even if he could seems the kind of boy that uses offensive spells, he qualifies himself as a defensive type (because he wants to live a quiet life, he says).

He tries to appear cool and smart, but he's a tsundere type that change his personily (and mood) in a second, depending on the situation. This side of him makes this boy so funny!

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