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    You reached Valore Inestimabile, the fanlisting dedicated to the amazing webmistress Dorothy! ❤

    You surely know her fanlistings and her sites, but if you don't, just take a look at her sites: marheavenj.net, lunamaria.altervista.org, www.complication.altervista.org, and stage0.altervista.org, they're wonderful! *--* I really admire her both in real life and in what she does in the net. Her sites and graphics are always splendid, I love her style! ❤

    This new version features Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg from the manga 07-Ghost. It was a long time since I thought to make a layout with Ouka, but the lack of images delayed me a bit! >_< Luckily, I found a fanart with Michael and Raphael that I thought could match for what I had in my mind! ❤

    If you're a fan of her as me, please, consider to join! ❤

. ❤ . Valore Inestimabile . ❤ . The Dorothy Fanlisting


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. ❤ . Valore Inestimabile . ❤ . The Dorothy Fanlisting


July 23, 2011: And a new layout is finally done! ❤
October 07, 2010:
Another new layout~ *--*
September 10, 2010:
New layout! *--* Happy Birthday, onee-san! ❤❤
June 09, 2010:
Finally an update! *__* And this fanlisting absolutely needs a revamp! :/ Added 128 new codes! :D

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