Name: : Kingdom Of Prussia
Human Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Alternative Spelling(s): Gilbert Weillschmidt
Age: 20
Birthday: January 18
Hair Color: Blond (early color images), Platinum Blond
Eye Color: Blue (early color images), Red-Violet
Height: 177 cm (5'9 ft est)
Seiyuu: Atsushi Kousaka



Prussia has light-colored hair and red eyes, though he first appeared in color images (circa 2007) with dark blond hair. His hair varies between platinum blond, white, or silver, while his eyes have also been depicted as pink or a dark red hue. He is seen in many images with a little yellow chick upon his head which he appears never to notice.

He wears a deep blue (Prussian blue) military uniform, akin to a Luftwaffen Fliegerbluse with a Knights Cross of the Iron Cross on his tie. In the WWII-set Buon San Valentino, he is shown to wear a Waffen SS uniform like his brother.

Personality and Interests

Prussia was born to fight the same type of battles as Austria, but was a hooligan who did nothing but fight and avoided any marriage. He will do anything to become strong, and has an arrogant attitude, believing that he is the best and still more "awesome" than others, although he hasn't really succeeded at his goal. Although he proclaims to like being alone, he is seen crying when he sees Hungary and Austria together in the Christmas Rampage 2007 strips. It was stated that this loneliness stemmed from that he felt like an enclave rather than an actual nation. Germany once said that Prussia "knows little about common sense." Deep down, it is said that his true nature is that of a punctual and diligent soldier, though his bad manners (especially during his "transition period") mask it.

He is very loyal to his leaders, and had a special attachment to Frederich II, known to him as "Old Fritz." He continues to hope that Old Fritz will watch over him and that he'll be proud. It is said though, that he tends to become rather depressed if Fritz is brought up due to this attachment.

Prussia often refers to his younger brother Germany as "West," and hates Russia. He doesn't get along well with Austria, and also seems to very much enjoy the company of Italy.

It is revealed that he had kept diaries since he was formed, which led to him having an entire library of journals. Almost all of them start with passages that read "I'm so cool/I was so cool today." He also seems to be fond of cute things, and buys things such as stuffed pandas, as seen on his April Fools Blog. In addition, on his blog, he says he's fond of sleeping, fighting, Old Fritz, and eating, his fondness for eating being displayed in his going to England to eat lunch, him "only accepting" France's ability to cook well, and his desire to get food from Italy and Austria with his brother in their Counting Sheep CD.

He seems to have a tendency to sneeze and find himself bored with or distracted from tasks, especially reading, although he claimed to be "a wiz at cleaning" and also seemed to be good at gardening, so it's possible his skills show when he is less distracted. In his and Germany's Counting Sheep CD, after sneezing and growing bored of counting, Germany insists he continue to count, causing him to continue, also raising the possibility that he can continue to do things despite his own odds (boredom) if encouraged.


Prussia briefly appears in Episode 10, during the era of "The War Of Austrian Succession." He is shown beating up Austria until France comes along and takes over.
Prussia's formal debut in Episode 24
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Prussia later returns in Episode 24, where he's once again seen teasing Austria, this time hindering his attempts to impress Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Prussia has a much bigger role in Episode 79 when he is shown trying to convince his brother Germany to drink the beer being offered around. Prussia then proceeds to pester Germany with different methods such as threatening to enforce a rule where Germany has to go around the city wall of Rotenburg naked.

In the anime, his hair is platinum blond and his eyes are a deep red. His cross and gloves were removed, and his tall boots were initially removed as well but reappeared in Episode 79.

Although it is widely believed that he was voiced by the seiyū Subaru Kimura, no one was credited for the role of Prussia in the Episode 10's ending credits, and it was later revealed that Atsushi Kousaka had actually voiced him (doing an impression of Kimura's voice for Gian, from the series Doraemon). According to a Comic Birz interview, Hidekaz Himaruya approved the casting of Prussia, having anticipated that Kousaka would fit the character.


No birthday was given for Prussia in his first official profile, which lead to some fan speculation that Himaruya did not give him one due to Prussia having been dissolved (and thus no longer existing as an actual nation). However, in the anime guide WorldWideWalking, his birthday was finally listed as January 18th, which corresponds with the foundation date for the Kingdom Of Prussia (January 18th, 1701).
As a child, Prussia was originally part of the St. Maria Order, and then became part of the Teutonic Knights until some point in his teens, before finally growing up to become Prussia (after some other, unspecified stages of his life).
The type of flag used to represent Prussia is the one for The Kingdom Of Prussia, which lasted from 1701-1918. It was succeeded by The Free State Of Prussia, its final incarnation before it was dissolved de jure by the Allied Forces in 1947.
There is much fan speculation surrounding his potentially being East Germany, given that he calls his brother "West" and despises Russia. A production note by Hidekaz Himaruya also lends evidence to the theory, stating that Prussia was under Russian control after WWII and was stuck having to work jobs that made him no profit. A scrapped Hetalia game idea by Himaruya has also given some weight to the theory: In the game, the nations are instead humans living in New York City. One of the characters was described as an East German man, and had a very similar personality to Prussia. But as this game never went any further, it is also uncertain.
A sentence in the third volume of the published manga lends evidence to the idea of him being the Kaliningrad Oblast, as it is mentioned that he had become an enclave of Russia (though it is also said in the same sentence that he lives with his brother).
An old sketch by Himaruya depicted a much different representation of The Monastic State Of Teutonic Knights. Instead of a younger Prussia, the Teutonic Knight has long, dark hair and a beard.
In a production note, Himaruya stated that he also initially designed a Prussia that looked more like a long-haired Poland, and that his personality was to be a lot more mature and pitiful.
According to Himaruya, although Prussia is older than Germany, he is shorter in comparison due to having poor nutrition.
In 2010, Prussia starred in the online mini-game Osōji Prussia, in which he cleaned the homes of various characters. In response to questions raised by some of the dialogue in the Germany segment, it was clarified that Prussia is a "retired" nation that passed on his skills and traits to Germany, and may in fact disappear and die out over time.


Informations Source: Hetalia Wikia

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