Nagisa Carly is a journalist, even if she's always understimated from her companions. Her rival is Angela, a person who thinks to be the best among all of this job. Even if at the begin she seems just a normal person, or at least, one girl that is just there to try to do her best, her determination will lead her to meet Misty in a party, and she will find out something about a person that she cares a lot: Jack Atlus.

They've never meet each other, but Carly likes him very much. She will dress up as a nurse in order to stay near him and finding out other things. When Jack is at the hospital (due to a duel against Yusei), in fact, he will use her in order to duel (he can't move one arm). After this, Jack will go to live by her for a short period, and she will be the only one who will let him understand that the King is not just a name, but something that is inside the duelist.

Going on the story, she will find out ore about the Arcadia Movement and will duel against Divine. Even if she had a low possibility to win, she continues to do it, but unfortunately she loses and falls down from the last floor of that skycreaper. She dies, but Misty sees that she's one of the person designates to be one of the Dark Signers. She comes back to life thanks to that power and cry desperately because she's no more a human. When she's possessed by the dark side of herself, she duels again against Divine and kills him.

Once she beomes part of the Dark Signers, unfortunately, she will duel against Jack and will die after saying him that she loves him.


Carly is a determinated and crazy girl. She, usually, is very funny and always says directly what she thinks about all. When she likes something, she becomes overwhelming. She cares a lot of the persons she meets and would make everything she can to make them happy.

Even if she's cheerful, she knows sadness too, and unfortunately she is like this the most of the times that things don't go how she desires. But she knows very well how to cheer up and always tries to don't feel down.

When she becomes a Dark Signer, she totally changes her personality, becoming merciless with anyone who's in front of her.

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