Hello! Welcome to "Turn Anger into Justice", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Furuya Rei , the three-faced-man National Police Agency Security Bureau Planning Chiyoda Division Agent that is also known as Amuro Toru, worker at Café Poirot, and Bourbon, a member and a spy of the Black Organization. Not less important, his nickname when he was a child was Zero~
He is a character from the series Detective Conan, and also the protagonist of his spin-off, that is called Zero's Tea Time~

Rei is a mysteryous 29-years-old handsome man that covers three different identities in order to destroy the Black Organization. He lost his childhood friend Hiro (a spy from the Japanese Secret Security Police too) because of an unfortunate accident, and he thought his assassin was Akai Shichi, a FBI agent that at that time was infiltrated in the Black Organization too, as Rye.
Rei started to hate Akai since that episode and tried to get revenge on him, but the truth is that Akai was innocent.

Rei believes in Justice with all himself, at the point that he would die to make justice prevail. He loves Japan (and also says that Japan is his girlfried... Err Rei... I am not a nation but I would love to be that for you instead) but he tries to hide his real self in order to have no problems with his three lives. No one really knows him. At the countrary, everyone only knows the face of him that he wants to show. He also has a lovely dog called Haro, that reminds of the young him~ He is such a cutie, that dog is too cute!!!!

Oh, my God... Everytime I look at this man I am about to faint. He is too handsome. I even had problem making this layout because... Look at him. He is so... OOooh, my God. Please, choose a link from above or under this little introduction to fully access the site, and if you're a fan of this incredible three-faced man, feel free to join his fandom!


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