You reached I will always wait for..., the fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Shinichi & Ran, the main characters and my favourite couple of the series Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan)!

    I really wanted to find a proper title, but I din't know how... I wanted to use quotes by Shinichi or by Ran and at the end... I thought that they're both waiting for something. He's waiting to come back to his original form *laughs* and she's waiting for him to come back. That's the reason why I chose this as title. And well, I don't even remember how old was I when I started to ship them. Maybe 16? But it was really worth waiting for this to happen, since they're finally a couple and I still can't believe it! *--* Their relationship is so cute, they care so much about each other. And though Shinichi became a kid, Conan, his feelings are always the same if not stronger. It's true that Ran is the kind of girl who cries a lot and the likes, but she's strong and kind at the same time. She's patient and I really think she loves deeply Shinichi since she is willing to wait for him until the day they can meet each other again (I mean, forever). And about Shinichi... boy, you're such a tsundere, I can't even think of the amount of times he did stupid things to hide his true feelings. Yeah, stupid Shinichi! But, just like Ran, he loves her with all his might, there's nothing I can complain about (right?). At the moment, I can't wait for January to watch the episodes about the school trip! ❤ And November to see how everything is going to continue... I'm worried but curious at the same time~❤

    Ah, I'm sorry if there are spoilers in the header, but I can't help it... my dream came true, forgive me! çAç

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan!


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