You reached L'Incanto della Tragedia, the fanlisting and tribute to Beatrice, a marvelous character of the game Umineko no naku koro ni.

    Beatrice is indeed my favorite character of this game, and the starter of it. I adore her personality, her being this evil, but sincere at the same time. After all, her character is like this due to her past and what happened to her... I understand and approve her behaviour! ♥ The title means The Enchant of the Tragedy, and it was suggested by Dorothy, thank you so much!!! *--*♥♥

    If you are a fan of her, please, don't hesitate to join! *-*



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September 04, 2010: Yay!! The fanlisting has reached 25 members, I'm so happy! Thanks a lot! *--*❤❤
August 11, 2010:
Tempus fugit! XD I updated Beato's profile with the on of End of the Golden Witch~ And the 14th august is coming!! ❤❤❤
August 08, 2010:
Finally updated the profile with the one of Alliance of the Golden Witch! Really can't wait to write the others! *--*
July 21, 2010:
I wrote the profile for the third game, Banquet of the Golden Witch! OMG, I don't think I've ever wrote so much! XD
June 09, 2010: I've added the section dedicated to Beato's character song, Chain (that you can listen to here) and 13 new icons! ❤❤
June 07, 2010:
Added 93 new codes! *--*
June 04, 2010:
A new skin is up in order to celebrate the approval I had for TAFL! *--* Welcome there, Beato!❤❤
May 30, 2010:
Finally I finished to write Beato's profile for Turn of the Golden Witch! I hope to make more tomorrow! ❤ ❤
May 20, 2010:
Yes! I finally menaged to find a good place for the music, thanks to Dorothy who suggested it!❤❤❤
April 27, 2010:
I tried to insert a mp3 player, but it works just with Firefox... T___T
April 18, 2010:
I've added Beato's profile for the first game!♥
April 12, 2010:
Added the profile, the relationship with Battler, some images and some icons, enjoy! :)
January 20, 2010:
The fanlisting is up! :D


Ushiromiya Lion

Ushiromiya Battler Beatrice & Ushiromiya Battler Beatrice VS Ushiromiya Battler

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