The scene starts in the Golden Land, that had become a rainy place. After that Battler faced Beato at the end of Alliance of the Golden Witch, she become just like a doll: she was not even able to talk or to drink alone. She was there together with Battler and Virgilia. These last two, tried to do whatever could help Beato to say something, Battler always tried to talk with her as she could tell a simple reply, but she couldn't move, and her eyes were empty. The only thing that tied her to that world, was Lambdadelta, who couldn't lose her, or it would mean her defeat in the game board. In fact this witch, bound Beato with a shackle that was situated in her right ankle, and it was surely hurting her, because sometimes, she couldn't help to moan a bit.

    Anyway, it should be Battler the person who had to continue the game, but he didn't agree with it because he replied many times that this game belongs to Beato and him. So, even if Lambdadelta and Bernkastel took possession of the board and the first one became the Game Master (Beato couldn't reply, so, being silent, was as she nodded in favour of her), Battler didn't took part in it. After coming back to the Golden Land. he talked a lot with both Virgilia and Ronove, and the two of them suggested him to protect the game that Beato created for him, no matter what. Battler couldn't understand the meaning of it at the begin, but finally, he was able to see through the past and all the hints that Beato gave him throughout the time. So, asking them to take care of the Golden Sleeping Princess, he went back to the game board, seeing that the game was almost done. Lambdadelta and Bernkastel gave him the chance to assist to it from the begin, anyway, and so started a memory of it. While they will come back and see what happened, Beato's body will be transfered in a seat in the smoking room, breathing harder than normal, and it was because of the Illusion of the Witch that will be denied many times: in fact this was a real matter for Battler, who had to pay attention to all the things he said, or he could make Beato suffer.

    We can clearly see that some years before the family conference of the 1986, Kinzo already died because of his illness, and since Krauss' family was indebted very deeply, they tried to fake the fact that Kinzo died, and this happened because Beatrice and the ghost of Kinzo (revived by her) helped Natsuhi, who was asking help to her Father. Since Beatrice was the Alchemy Counselor of the Ushiromiya family and Kinzo had died, she tested Natsuhi to see if she could be able to be the next head of the family, or else, she wouldn't do anything for her. Since her extreme determination and love for the family, both Beato and Kinzo thought that it was time to help Natsuhi, and so, the witch became her "protector", but, obviously, all the people in that home, had to believe firmly in Kinzo's life, or Beato's magic couldn't make anything against the anti-magic toxins.

    During this period, I can say that Beato and Natsuhi became kinda friends. They often talked together drinking a cup of tea, and while Beato always shown her cleverness and intelligence about any topic, Natsuhi talked about her past with her family and with Krauss too. Beato also told her that, in a way, they were very similar because they were like birds in a cage and couldn't fly away from Rokkenjima. As time passed, we arrive to the 4th october 1986, and this time the situation is no longer favourable for Natsuhi, because all the siblings understood that their father was no longer in that house. Anyway, Beato lent Natsuhi the help of Ronove and Gaap too, especially this last one, was there to help because she stole many things to Beato and the situation had been already payed (a good pretext! XD). The different fact of the other game is too in the fact that before that the first twilight occurred, Battler found the gold and solved the riddle of the epitaph (even if Erika made part of the reasoning with him).

    While this was happening to the world of 1986, in the Golden Land, Battler talked with Virgilia about Beato and her riddle. What does she gained from it? Nothing. And, does she made this game because she was pleased by it? No way. But the thing that Virgilia let him understand, was the fact that he was the only person who remained alive until the end of the game (if at the end he died in some ways), and this was because she wanted to show him something. When Battler undertsood this thing, he finally was happy and patted her in the head.

    Again in 1986, Beato doesn't want to stop the cerimony for her resurrection, even if that was the pact if someone would find the answer to the riddle. She sent a letter to Battler with the ring of the Ushiromiya family and asked him to become the next head (since she knew very well that he wasn't interested in it). Then, Natsuhi revealed to Beato what happened 19 years before, and the way she killed a child that was given to her as son from Kinzo, since she couldn't find a way to be pregnant. She said that that child died because she asked a demon to let him, and the servant who held him in her arms, fell down from a hill, and her desire had been fulfilled. Beato tried in many ways to dissuade her because of this, and told her, at the end, that it was her the person who let the two of them fell from there, so it wasn't Natsuhi's fault, just the whim of a witch.

    When Kinzo's death was about to be figured out, Beato decided to be the one who should remain in his study, so that she could make whatever she wants, and she was absolutely sure that she would success in helping Natsuhi. In truth, she just wanted to protect her friends Ronove and Gaap, trying to take on all the responsabilities, because she knew that it would be hard to escape from the reasoning that had been made by Erika. In fact, thanks to Dlanor A. Knox and her two followers, she couldn't help but to find any kind of excuse for Kinzo to be in that closed room. Many times she had the chance to escape, but at the end, she menaged to remain blocked in there: when she was about to die because of the anti-magic toxins and because of Erika's reasoning, she looked at Battler (the piece in the game board), the one who couldn't see her, because they were in two different worlds, but, as if they saw each other, the boy said that he knew a way that his grandfather could escape from that room, and after that, he ran and jumped out of the window. After a little fight against Dlanor, he menaged to make a good reasoning about Kinzo to escape, so it was the right moment to go away from that study. He stood up and opened his arms, asking Beato to reach him. Beato looked at him, pleased, and jumped out of the window, reaching for his arms, while he hugged her, and then, they finally hugged each other. After having a little romantic chat together, Beato left, becoming a group of golden butterflies.

    In the meanwhile, in the Golden Land, Dlanor A. Knox went to talk with Battler. After drinking tea together with him, Beato and Virgilia (that she already knew), she left a lot of details to Battler, and her last hope was to duel again with him in the future, and if possible, to give all they had in that battle. Battler was happy of it, because he understood that Dlanor was not a bad girl instead of Erika, and, in fact, later Virgilia will talk alone with Beato, because she knew that Dlanor was there because it was her the one who could accept someone in that place. With a severe face, Virgilia faced Beatrice, her disciple that she loved as a daughter, telling her that it was time to take a decision, even if it meant to die.

    When Natsuhi was accused and Erika's reasoning was absolutely perfect for her, Lambdadelta proclaimed an assembly of witches, the Court of Illusions, in which Beato faced Bernkastel, and Lambdadelta was the mediator between them. In fact, Beato was there to claim her own existance and to protect Natsuhi and Kinzo, whereas, Berkastel to penetrate Beato's Illusion of the Witch. So, the sentence began, and Beato tried to defend her master saying that the culprit was her. The problem for her, was that in this game she was not the Game Master, so she didn't know what happened throughout the story... but if she wanted to protect the Illusion of the Witch, and especially her life, she had to give all she had. Unfortunately, Beato was not able to find another possible truth and, until the end, she tried to defend Natsuhi (even if it was her that the most of the times confuted the witch's proofs) because she wanted to be, even if the only one, the person who still believe in her innocence. Unluckily, this will lead her to be denied, since all the crimes of the first and second twilight could be committed by a human. And Lambdadelta said with nonchalance that it was a wonderful period since Beato could entertain her making her forgetting about her boredom, but anyway, it was time for their pact to be broken, and so, Beato had to die. Even if Beato continued to admit that she was a witch, she tried to end her life as one of them could do: the goats took her body and obviously wanted to eat it; even if she tried to continue to laugh, she couldn't hid her human feelings, and in fact they were the ones that were the most intense in her. While she was sobbing and cowered in tatters, Dlanor put herself on the way of the goats, that stepped back. She asked Battler if he had a different truth to present, but even if he didn't had a clue about it, he tried to comfort Beato telling her that he promised to be the one who will kill her, and this was not what he wanted. But anyway, he couldn't reach that truth, so Beato told him that he was a liar and that she won't ever believe again in a promise that he would make (even if Battler couldn't understand when he made a promise to her). But they were happy to die together, at the end; for Beato, since Battler couldn't recall that promise, going to hell was not a painful thing. Then, a longer sword than Dlanor's pierced Battler's body, while Beato disappeared becoming golden butterflies, and her minions disappeared in the same moment.

    In the moment in which the cathedral was empty, the Beato who was in the Golden Land, approached to Battler's dead body. Even if she couldn't even drink tea by herself, she togged his sleeve to see if she could wake him up, but after that she pressed her forehead against his chest, she could finally understand that he was dead. And it was not only because he couldn't find the alternative truth, but because the two witches had chase him off of the game board. With this, their promise was broken, and Beato cried, hugging him, saying "Thank you... liar... goodbye... and... sorry." with these last words she disappeared.

    There was a memory about when Dlanor drank tea with everyone, at this point of the story. She was not the only one who was trying to help Battler with many hints, the same Virgilia tried in many ways to help him, until the moment in which she let him understand that he and Beato were as a couple of lovers, because reasoning is love, and after their continuous fights, they menaged to trust each others: it was no longer a fight. Unfortunately Battler found ou about it too late, "Without love, the truth can't be seen", yes, Beato waited a long time before Virgilia would guide him as he could reach her. But now it was too late: even if he understood the truth of the game, Beato already became a pile of ash after being snuggled against him. The only thing left was a husk of a golden butterfly that had been torn to bits. When he understood that Beato hadn't waited for him, he started to cry, because it was too late, even if he had reached the truth. Pressing the last thing that connected him to Beato, he sweared that he wouldn't lost sight of it again. Then he pressed the half wing of the golden butterfly on the sword that was piercing him and it started to glow: Battler was again alive and was ready to fight in order to protect Beato's existance, and with Lambdadelta's permission for a retrial, the fight started again. Since Battler acknowledged everything, Lambdadelta appointed him as the new Endless Sorcerer. So he said that the culprit was himself because he was the person of 19 years ago who called Natsuhi, and it was proof that there existed another truth along with the one of Erika.

    With this, Battler saved Beato's Illusion of the Witch and got the position of the new Game Master, in order to fulfill his promise to his witch.


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