Beato was talking with Ronove about what happened in the last Game. She enjoyed it a lot because mocking Battler was the thing she loves the most, so, she asked how was him. Ronove replied that from that moment on, Battler refused to talk and was in an angle of the room, sat while hugging his legs, with eyes without a light inside, and more... he didn't wanted to eat. Beato was a bit astonished by this reaction, but, it could be that way since she knew what kind of person was Battler. Ronove suggests her to go to him and cheer his day, and she thinks that it could be a good way to solve his loneliness, or else, he couldn't be a good opponent for this game! So Beatrice went in the room where there was Battler and entered with a smiling happy face that should light his day, but--- he was fighting with Beelzebub because she wanted to eat his croissant. So, it was a joke that Ronove made in order to mock Beatrice who usually enjoyed to do the same thing to the others, but she becomes insane when it is something of this kind about her. So she went in a rage against Battler XD and against Gretel that she started to hate because she felt something about her. The only thing she found useful in her was that she menaged to spur on Battler, but the way they went along together wasn't that good for Beato, and neither the fact that now was Gretel the person who explained everything to Battler and stole her all the lomes; even if she told Battler that finally he was able to evolve in a being with intelligence! XD Anyway, from that moment on, Beato told Battler that she won't use the red as she made in the past, and that he could use the blue to counterattack her lines. Beatrice was amused by Battler and told him that the way he made a crying face was her favourite and that she was incited by that the most of the times.

    In a memory written in Maria's diary, there was a part dedicated to the Mariage Sorciere: it was a pact that she made with Beatrice when she started to become a witch. Maria has always been a very skilled girl with magic, and to reward her, Beatrice gave a life to Sakutaro and signed (together with Virgilia's agreement), this pact. The same Beato wrote this, and her Master said that, from the begin, her disciple was very good at writing things like these, and, in fact, if she would live in the spirit's world, she will be a great secretary. From this day on, Maria become the Witch of Origins, and Beato was very fond of her. They enjoyed a lot of time playing together and learning always new kind of magic, it was as if they were two sisters that loved each others: when they were together, they were always happy, and it was even because of magic. Beato helped Maria a lot when Rosa decided to tear Sakutaro in front of her daughter

    In the meanwhile (and of course, in the world of 1986), Kinzo had appeared for the first time in the annual reunion of his siblings, destroying Battler's opinion about his death before of it. While it was running, he thought that he could make a test for his grandchildren, but since all the others where useless, he decided to kill some of them as sacrifices for the First Twilight. In order to do it, he summoned the Siesta Sisters, Virgilia, Ronove and Gaap. This last one was the 33th strongest among the hierachy of the demons, and a big friend of Beatrice. In fact, she likes to shorten names and calls her in a very familiar way "Riiche". They seem to enjoy a lot together, in fact, when they meet again, Gaap says to Beato to go shopping one day soon! XD Battler is always more bewildered from these strange people that continue to appear from a moment to another, and Gaap explains that it is normal since the corrosion of the Witch is inflicting always more Rokkenjima and her power is always stronger, so that the cursed island can become like a house for demons and such.

    During the match between Beato and Battler, she continues to underline the fact that she wants to be stingy and she won't use the red as the boy wanted, because she wanted to bully him. In the meanwhile, Gaap was called in order to be the challenger of George, for the test that Kinzo decided to assign to his grandchildren (Jessica was against Ronove). At the end of the fight, Gaap menages to open a dark hole and to transfer George's body outside, while he was giving her a kick, but instead of Gaap, he found Jessica, and killed her whereas, she killed him with a punch. Beato was very amused from this, and when Gaap came back to the Purgatory, they gave themselves a light five.

    Beatrice decided to be the person to test Battler. When he and Maria are the last ones left, Beato calls them and talks with Maria before, and then with Battler. She was the one to test Maria, but definitely, she had something that she wanted to ask Battler. When they talked on the phone, she mocked him as usual, talking in English (Battler doesn't understand this language), and let him understand that she was drunken, so, she convinced Kinzo to let her making this test, and decided to meet with Battler at the entrance of the mansion. When the boy finally arrived there, he found the box where inside of it, there was the test: "Which of these persons will you choose to save? The one that you'll pick will be the one who'll die. You can choose among:

  1. Youself
  2. The person you love
  3. Everyone else"

- kinda XD - so, Battler, while reading, told Beato that he didn't prove something in particular for any girl, but, with his bright idea, he told her "That's perfect, I love you, Beatrice". More, while they're talking, Beato tells him many times that she would be happy if he could become the next head since Kinzo was almost dead and she would give Battler anything she had, her body of flesh and her soul, since she was Furniture of the Ushiromiya Family.

    Anyway, the test has to go on, and Beato told him to remember a thing that happened six years before. Battler couldn't recall anything, just the fact that he went away from his home because of the second marriage of his father. Beato's expression started to be a mix between being sad and angry, so Battler understood that it was MAYBE because that thing the he couldn't recall was about her, but still, he told her that he saw her for the first time during this family conference, so he didn't had a clue of what she wanted to know. Beato replied in red that "Because of your sin, people die", and then, the Beato that was talking with him felt very depressed about what was happening and told to the other Beato in the Purgatory to take her place, disappearing. Beatrice was not very pleased by Battler, because she was tearful and didn't wanted to deal with him any longer, so she decided to go away from there, because, this time, it was Battler who wasn't a good opponent for her, and more, she said that he wasn't the real Ushiromiya Battler, nor son of Ushiromiya Asumu. Once she denied his existence, she went away from there, and found herself in a place where there were just Maria and her. She was crying, saying that from the first moment, the Mariage Sorciere should remain something related to her and Maria, and, above all, that she was happy with her alone, she didn't need anyone else. They hugged a lot and Maria tried to cheer her up, up to the moment in which Ange made her appearance. When she resurrected Sakutaro, shocking Beato, Maria promised that she would leave that place, as she did. And so, that world that was built just for the two of them, disappeared in a moment, in which Beato was found by Lambdadelta. She threaten her and, took her again in the Purgatory on her seat, forcing her to remain there because she tied her up with some shackles into her foot.

    Even Battler's body was found again, even if his soul was lost, since it had been denied as Ushiromiya Battler, but thanks to Ange's intervetion, he could find himself again and being a real opponent for Beatrice, who was finally happy to think that she had to fight in order to lose. With an infinite amount of shit, Battler tried to deny witches and magic, and, because of Beato's will to die, he menaged to hit her many times with his blue truth, that started to pierce her right foot. While she was about to die, she thought that the two of them were enemies, and that she was fighting just to be killed by him, but at the same time, she enjoyed a lot the third game, because the seemed to understand each other, even if it was a joke. While the fight between them continued, Beato was almost dead and asked him pitifully to kill her, that was her heart. The Beato that was fighting against him was almost dead, and in that moment, another one was approching to him, telling him last riddle "Watashi wa, dare?" (Who am I?). Then she continued approching him, and when she reached his body, she hugged him, and he made the same, caressing her head while thinking that he would find a way to do his best to find an answer and kill her in the most peaceful way.


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