Name: Akagane
Real Name: Ayame
Organization: Honey Bee
Ex Member of: Thanatos
Ex Number: III


Akagane is the ex n.3 of Thanatos, an organizations of ex-Numbers born to kill all the Numbers in order to don't let one of them ables to reach Yggdrasil.
Akagane left Thanatos in the incident of seven years ago, when Tekirai usurped the throne and the position of Numer 1, and because of this, his goal isn't destructing Thanatos but Tekirai himself.
As member of Honey Bee, Akagane follows the orders of their Princess, and his first important mission is killing the current n.7 and n.8 of Thanatos, things that he succesfully finish.

Meeting Toneriko he understood how sad his eyes are, and since he feels similar to him, he proposes to Toenriko to leave Thanatos and to join Honey Bee, fighting together with him.
Toneriko refutes, but Akagane's desire to have him as comrades always remain in his heart.

He's the kind of person that speaking to the others always smile and uses kind and funny words, but his happy face hides a cruel personality.
He's very smart and sensitive, and his capacity to understand the others' personality with an eye is a side of him that let people afraid.
When Toneriko understands that Ageha's intentions are not good and he wants to use Thanatos to destroy the world, he finally decides to face him and helping Akagane he saves the princess.

Akagane's intentions to purify the world from Thanatos were not that wrong, but it's looking at him that is fighting that we can understand better his reasons.



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