Hello! Welcome to "Grab on to me and never let go, Darling", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Zero Two , the heroine from the series Darling in the FRANXX, created by Studio TRIGGER and A-1 Picture!

Zero Two is the first character from this series that I started to love so much that I felt affected because of the events that happen to her. She is someone that made the impossible to become human, because she wanted to stay with her prince forever, at any cost. She pilots the FRANXX Strelizia together with Hiro and they are so beautiful together~

Zero Two made me cry so much that there is no other series, I think, that made me cry this much as Darling in the FRANXX. It killed my feelings and I suffered with all myself because of Hiro and her.
She is a precious girl that changed so much thanks to Hiro and her comrades. Her heart was pure initially, but she was affected by the desire to become human, so she lost herself. But Hiro saved her, and she became a new person. I love her with all my heart and I still pray for her happiness. I wish Zero Two to stay together with her Darling forever~

The reason why I chose this title for her fanlisting is that this is the phrase that the oni told to the prince in the illustrated book she loves.
I wanted to make her fanlisting and Hiro's one connected somehow. So I made graphics with the same background picture and chose titles that matches, as everything else in these sites.

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