Hello! Welcome to "A Tie Called Eternity", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu , the main heroes from the mysterious series Vampire Knight, created and illustrated by the great Matsuri Hino!

Yuki and Zero are so precious to me.
They spent almost whole their lives together, since their childhood. They became prefectors of the Cross Academy and its protectors, the ones who took care of students of Day and Night Classes.

I loves the moment they spent together like this, because it was there that he bit her for the first time. It was so... exciting. And since Zero is a big tsundere, from there a lot of problems with her. Because he never wanted to admit his feelings, but still... his actions spoke for him. And Yuki... she always was ambiguous abut her feelings, but at the end she said she loves Zero. I think she always looked at Kaname with admiration and as an adolescent does with a boy "prince-like".

Anyway, her bond with Zero is what always made me love this series, and I think that they match each other better than anyone else. Because Zero was there when Yuki needed him, and that's the same for her. His fear to becaome a Level E vampire and her help, her support... her love, were the reasons because Zero was saved by her will and her prayers. Also he always protected her, and even if their relation started like the one between a half-vampire and a human, at the end the truth is that it was just between a girl and a boy, and the rest doesn't really matter. Both of them are vampires and both of them lost their lives at the end, but... their bond is something that will survive forever. I like to think that now it's called eternity.

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