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    I think I started to like Kishinuma-kun from the first time I saw him in the intro~ ♡ I usually fall easily for tsundere characters and he's the proof! XD His personality is the thing I like the most, because though he tries to hide his real feelings, there are people that he really respect and with who he tries to talk. Even if he has a very bitter life because of his family problems, he's really a nice boy. Maybe a bit difficult to deal with, but he just needs to understand that he can trust someone and he will always be loyal with them. Despite the image of himself he wants to let the other see, he has a golden heart and he's always there to help when it is needed. He usually is calm, but there are moments in which he can't contain himself— it could happen often too! X° But I still think that I want him to be happy... in some ways... (if possible).

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