Hi! Welcome to "Anchor", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the energic and adorable Winry Rockbell, a heroine from the popoular series Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, better known as Full metal Alchemist!

Winry is a girl full of energy and goodwill, with a precious smile that is always a support for Al and Ed.

She's a girl that grows up fastly, and that became an adult very soon, spending the best years of her life trying to become a real support for her two childhood friends, that spent bad moments because of their mother's death and Ed's ritual that finished to ruin their life.
I really admir her, because she decided to devote herself to become someone to trust, someone that Ed and Al can call "family". Because even if they lost their home and themselves, even if they made a journey to search for the Philosopher' Stone, she always was there, waiting for them and their return. She always waited with patience and devotion, but it's not just this. She dinamically became the one how tried to take care of them with all the heart, sacrifing everything else. Her obsession with mechanic is something that grown up with her, and thanks to her Ed's automails have always been repared in the best way, with the best work and effort. With all the heart of the person that year by year always gave her best to believe in Ed and Al. In future. In the meaning of the family that she wanted to teach to them. Because they weren't alone, she always was there.

So many times Winry's support and smile was what saved them and their humanity for the labyrinth of despair, that's why I chose "Anchor" as title for this site~

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