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Hi! Welcome to "Pragmatic Solution", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to William Twining , the rational and pragmatic protagonist of the series Makai Ouji: devils and realist (better known as Hell Prince: devils and realist), created and illustrated by the talented Takadono Madoka and Yukihiro Utako!

William is the smart heir of the prestigious Twining family, that tumbles down because of his uncle.
William starts to provide for his necessities by himself and his first idea is to sell some high-priced antiques of the family, but it's there that his troubles begin.
Accidentally, he summons a demon with his blood, Dantalion, who reveals that William is heir apparent to Solomon, who has to choose who will become the king of Hell.
But William is a rational person and he can't believe in demons, angels, and obviously, in God. So he doesn't choose Dantalion as king, he can't accept his existence!!
it's since that moment that William starts to live a troublesome school-life with demons and all kinds of creatures that he can't accept!

He's awesome. He always has a rational explanation for summons and strange events, but in his heart he'll continue to think that science and math are the real rulers of all kinds of worlds! XD

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