Wako is a very funny and simple character. She loves to eat everything, and she's hungry especially when she is happy!
She's very respectful with the others, but she's a lively person, who likes to enjoy life... even if her one has been decided when she bore. In fact she's the South Maiden, one of the four Shrine Maidens who has to protect the island where she lives. She has a seal in her chest, and that is the symbol that helps the island to don't be affected by the Zero Time. Even though it seems a burden, it is even worse if you think that because of this, Wako can't leave the island.

When she was a little girl, she wanted to become an idol, but due to this problem, she had to give up. Anyway, she has a very beautiful voice, and her song is really amazing! It is loved by all the people who listen to it.

There are times in which she's very shy, and in particular, it happens when it is about boys. She was engaged with Sugata since she was a little girl because of Shindou's family tradition. The two of them, anwyay, seems to get along very well together, up to the moment in which Wako will meet Takuto. For me, that was kinda a breaking for that couple, and maybe it was because of Wako's indecision... that will last until the final episode, where she will find out that her lofe is the same for both of them.

Her best friend is called Ruri, they're always very friendly and talk about every problem they have, especially the ones related with love. An old friend of Wako is Keito, when they were children, they used to play a lot with Sugata too, and to sing together, making nice shows. She is part of Midnight Flight, a drama club that is led by Sarina. With this club, she played an important part of a drama written by Sarina, where Takuto kissed her, and she was the one who proposed herself to have the part, after the dangerous moment with Mizuno.

Her Cybody is called Wauna, which is very important especially at the end of the story, where she will aprivoise to protect both the Earth (that was going to be destroyed by Head) and Sugata. She will fight until the end, risking her own life, and luckily, at the end, thanks to Takuto, she will menage to be useful. In the meanwhile, Takuto will break her seal, unchaining her from her cruel destiny.

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