Hi! Welcome to "Catching Star", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Tsukumo , the most adorable (and simply beautiful) female character from the series Karneval, created and illustrated by the talented Mikanagi Touya!

Tsukumo-chan is the star and a strong fighter of the Circus. She's always serious and quiet, and because of this, many people consider her like a doll. but she has strong feelings and she can smile with the persons she loves. Tsukumo is like an older sister for Nai and a very special friend for Yogi, so an excellent assistant for Hirato, that she adores because he isn't just her captain but the person who saved her life when she was a child. Tsukumo-chan's personality is very interesting and she's difficult to understand, because she hasn't many facial expressions. Seeing a smile from her is a special moment, her face is very cuuuute!

A special thanks to my sister Miriallia that found the beautiful title of this site when I was in panic for the one that I found and forgot somedays ago!

She's my favourite female character and one of the best of the series, so I decided to dedicate to her a fanlisting for this reason, colouring a lot of images from the manga (as for the header, I adore her in mermaid version).
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