Hello! Welcome to "Confront Your Other Self", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Todoroki Shoto , a hero from the series Boku no Hero Academia (better known as My Hero Academia), created and illustrated by the talented Horikoshi Kohei!

Todoroki is so adorable. The person with the biggest development as a human being. It's because even if he has a lot of problems with his family (especially with his father), he has the major problem with himself, due to the fact that he didn't want to accept the power of fire he possesses, that's the one he inherited by his father. That person is the n.2 hero and the worst father ever, that ruined Todoroki's childhood. So this boy grew up hating him and being constricted to stay without his mother, that was afraid by her son, that had the same power of the man that hit her so badly.

So the Todoroki we met is the one that has no faith in anyone, nor expectations for the future. He was alone. He had no reason to fully fight for himself. And above all... he was not able to smile. Err... He had no reasons to smile, that's true. Anyway... Thanks to Izuku he finds a truth that he has never seen before: the fact that his power was his property and only him could decide how and where using it! Izuku sacrified a hand for him, in a fight that took Todoroki to awake his fire side. And... once they share Todoroki's secret and Izuku helped him to solve is problems, Todoroki became a totally differen person. He still is quiet and silent, but... now he has comrades called "friends", and his words towards them are kinder than before. I love so much his character development and I wish him happiness with my all!

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