Name: Hakuren
Surname: Oak

Birthday: October 15th
Age: 19
Role: Apprentice Shikyou (Bishop)
Fukuyama Jun

Eyes: Violet
Cooking, Readings millions of books in every place, Looking at himself at the mirror.

Dream: Becoming a bishop like Frau to help the others, Changing life of the weaks.

He loves:
Working hard
He dislikes: Women
Arms: Zaiphon, Baculus
Personality: Conceited, Self-confident, Proud, Diffident, Hard-worker, Sensitive, Kind-hearted, Caring.


In my personal opinion, Hakuren is one of the most interesting characters from the series.
He has a very outstanding personality, because he shows to the others a self-confident character, but that is a way to hide the true himself, a very sweet and kind-hearted person.
It's because his difficult past. He learned to get off with problems alone, since his father never supported him to reach his goal: to become a bishop.
So Hakuren is very determinated and strong. He's so smart that he have to read a book just one time to learn it forever. In battle he shows brilliant capacities to use Bakulus and Zaiphon in order to destruct Kor in only one shot.
At the first sight he can appear like a diffident and cold person, and it's so because he absolutely want to be considerated strong from the others. Teito has this impression in their first meeting, but knwing him better, he understood that even if he'll never forget Mikage, Hakuren is the the best friend he could desire.
Hakuren is caring and he loves to cook for the beloved ones, like a time in a drama cd, when he cooked muffins for Teito. He listen just one time and occasionally that he loves muffins the most, and for that reason he started to cook him for him. Isn't he cute?
He has a great self-control and he seems to know what's the right thing in all the situation, but we can him screams XD and blusters xD everytime something doesn't go like he wants! XD
A funny peculiarity of him is his INFINITE vanity! He loves to mirrors in his pocket-mirror, and he know very, VERY well how he's cool! XD
We can say that he's totally self-confident, he says to himself how he's beautiful and that beuty is a sin! He really isn't modest! XD
So he states that he hates women (eccept his mother and Razette LOL), but we really don't know like he acts with them. O_o


Hakuren made his first apparition in the 9th chapter of the manga (and in the 11th episode of the anime), disputing against Teito, that exchanges him for Mikage.
That situation is one of the few in which he tried to appear odious and all-knowing, thinking that Teito was just a stupid kid.
But he's smart and correct, anche he eats humble pie when he understands to made a error.
With the development of the story he learns what meaing to have a friend, because Teito became his first and most important friend since he was a baby.


Hakuren's dream is to be a bishop, and the reason si that when he was a baby, his mother became sick for a fault of a Kor, risking to die.
He began to read books and finally he found the solution: point on a bishop, because they can fix this type of situations!
The Oak family is renowned to have relation with policy and country, so his father rejected his idea to ask for a bishop. He started to pray all the days and one day someone arrived in his house and safe his mother, that from that day, has been totally healed. That person was Frau, and since that day Hakuren decided to become like him, even if his father didn't agree with his dream. But the other always supported him and when we grows up so toleave his home, he left the 1th district to reach the 7th one, when was situated Barsburg Church.
He arrived just one day before the meeting with Teito. And he has another motivation, the desire to meet the saviour of his mother and his hero, Frau.
He knows many things about Frau, even personal ones, like the fact that he's a pervert XD, and for this reason Hakuren offers to him a porn. XD


He's totally decided to face the exam to become bishop, and sharing the room with Teito, he learns to fight together (and for) someone else, becoming the best friend that a person could desire.
Originary he was a lonely and arrogant person, but he always was simple, peaceful and humble.
After the exam he became Castor's assistant and follows him in all the assignments and charges of a bishop, learning many things from him.


One day he receives a letter from his father, that told to him to reach the Imperial Family to become the tutor of the princess.
Since Hakuren's goal is to help the weaks, he totally reject the project of his father (even because he hates him), but thanks to Castor and Labrador, that made him conscious of the great opportunity he has to reach his goal, he understands the situation and accepts to reach the Royal Family.

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