Hello! Welcome to "Deception", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Slaine Troyard , a antihero from the series Aldnoah.Zero, created and developed by Olympus Knights and animated by Studio A-1 Pictures and Troyca!

Slaine is the most controversial and enigmatic character of the series. The one that from the first moment shows the most impressive determination that a person could have, but with the development of the story this guy became... absolutely crazy! Or it would be better saying he became a total, hopeless yandere (we need to wait for the second season to better understand Slaine's personality).

His only desire and the only goal of his life is protecting Asseylum, the girl he loves. And in order to do it, he'e to ready to face everything. Every kind of difficult, every kind of pain, even death. But if the result is something he can't accept... he's ready to love everything else.

No one can say how really Slaine is... but he's the most fashinating character of the series and I'm in love with him~

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