Hello! Welcome to "Being with You is Fate", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Shirayuki and Zen Wistalia , the heroes from the series Akagami no Shirayukihime (better known as Snow White with the Red Hair), created and illustrated by the awesome Akizuki Sorata!

A kind and strong girl that is everything but the canonic heroine, and a prince.

Zen and Shirayuki are the sweetest and the most adorable couple I've ever known, beacuse the way they fell in love with each other is so intense and developed that they easily touched my heart since the first time I started reading the manga. Shirayuki is a girl full of will to learn from the world, and her strong but kind personality never let her having someone so close like Zen, because usually men were all but interested in her heart. She's a beauty, and she lives in an epoque in which the brain of a woman counts nothing in life. So she was about being constricted to marry the prince of her country and becoming his concubine, but she decided to escape from her country and a destiny like that, making a new one self of her.

And here she meets Zen~

The prson that saved her life and that was saved by her so much times that they're countless. He was different from the others from the very begin, and Shirayuki learned how putting her faith in him at the point that the two of them fell in love. This is so sweet... I've never read something sweet like this story. Zen is the kind of prince who can carry heavy burden on his shoulders to support and guide a country, but he'll never let them taking his life in a direction he doesn't want. He's a prince but he thinks with his head, and he's ready to go against his own family, the nobles or the whole country to continue follow his ideals. Shirayuki is the first girl different from the others that he meets, because she's a farmacist who loves helping people and saving lives. That was an occupation of men in that epoque, but she never cared of the others, she just wanted to dedicate her life to be happy and making the other happy with everything she has. Zen starts to fall in love with her bit a bit, because of his tsundere nature and because of Shirayuki's trasgressive way to be, together with her natural kindness. They are the opposite of each other but they're complementary. The kind of persons that can look each other's eyes thinking "You are my fate"... so romantic! This story is so romantic that I can't believe a couple like this can even exist in a world in which every shoujo manga is just a triangle made by superficial hints and nothing more. They mean LOVE and I think they represent the way every hero and heroine would like to be!

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