Hello! Welcome to "From My Own Experience", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Shirayuki , the heroine from the series Akagami no Shirayukihime (better known as Snow White with the Red Hair), created and illustrated by the awesome Akizuki Sorata!

Shirayuki is a strong-harted girl with the determination to live her life happily in her own way, trying to help the others with all herself.
She's beautiful and because of her splendid hair even the crown prince is interested in her, but she doesn't care of her apperance. What's important for her is the heart, that's why she decided to live her own, without caring of her beauty but trying to make more and more experience, to become an always better pharmacist.

Her will to help the others and to protect the person she loves will take her in difficult situations, but thanks to her friend and the beloved Zen she'll always be able to reach her goal~

I admire her so much and I'm so happy to own a fanlisting for this adorable girl, that love living and smiling (and let the others do it) more than everything else~

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