• You reached BIBLE, the fanlisting dedicated to Kuranosuke Shiraishi, the buchou of the Shitenhoji team, from Konomi Takeshi's Tennis no Oujisama!♥

• Finally I made a layout that I like! I made two or three versions of it in this period, but I think that this one is the better one! *--* I'm proud to be the new owner of this fanlisting, Shiraishi is a character that I like very much and he is really amazing at playing tennis!♥ I love his personality and, obviously, the name of the fanlisting comes from his nickname, since he's the Bible of tennis, the Bible of the Shitenhoji.

• Feel free to look around and don't forget to join the fanlisting if you're a fan of him!♥♥♥



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January 04, 2010: The fanlisting is up! :D

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