Hello! Welcome to "Keep Your Pride to Take Revenge Against Life", the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Katie Scarlett O'Hara, the heroine from the book and the movie "Gone with the Wind", wrote by the talented Margaret Mitchell!

Scarlett is much more than a heroine of a story, she's someone that more than any other was able to keep control of her life with sacrifices, that always tried to go on counting only on herself.
She's a strong woman with a fragile heart that life forced to become fierce like a lioness and heartless like the ice.
That is the face that she shows to the others to don't be hurted, that's the face that she used to smile to everyone even if she doesn't really wanted to do it.
The true Scarlett, the woman that always keep in her heart the desire to be loved, to be happy, and to be so rich to don't starve. And even people that loved her, like Melanie and Ashley, truly weren't able to understand Scarlett's personality and desires.
Rhett Butler was the only person and man that truly loved her with all the heart, even knowing that while they were married, she desired another man.
Scarlett and Rhett are similar, are complementary and passionate, the kind of people that don't care about the rest if there's something they desire.
And this is the reason why she falls in love with him but she doesn't understand her feeling until the moment in which he abandons her thinking that she's in love with Ashley.

But... Scarlett's words of the last part of the story are a treasure that everyone should keep in the heart. "Tomorrow is another day" said her, understanding that there's another important thing in her life. More important than a man and than a delusion, more important than the sacrifices and than the tears: Tara. The plantation that will never betray Scarlett, and that she can consider a home to come back in every moment.

I really admire so much Scarlett and her determination. The will to survive, the despair behind the smile, the strength to never give up against the difficults of life!!

This fanlisting was run by Joey, and after her the kind Shannon, that let me adopt it in March 2013!
Thank you so much, dear Shannon!! I'll take care of it with all the heart!!

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