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    You reached Take all myself, the fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, the main character of the series Romeo x Juliet!

    Since the first time I've ever read the book of Romeo and Juliet by the great William Shakespeare, I was really in love with this very sad tragedy that has a so painful ending. When I found out that an anime was going to be released, I was very happy, because I absolutely wanted to see how it could be, above all, for the two main characters; and what I got was, obviously, a series based on the real piece. The story I saw and read (in the case of the manga), was in fact very similar to the original one but it has many differences, and the one I prefer is the end. But let's start from the begin! Juliet has a very different personality from the one that is described in the book, and I loved the fact that she is presented as the Capulet's last heir and that she's forced to pretend to be a man - she's so bold! Her past was very difficult for her, even because she didn't even know everything about it. But for Romeo it was something different, and at the same time very similar: he had problems with his father, and in particular with his mother, that he loved very much. These two characters, from the first time they meet each other, understood that there was something that they had in common, that they were attracted by something that at the moment they couldn't understand. When Romeo asked Juliet which was her name, I was full of any kind of feelings. It was a very romantic scene, and the thing that he absolutely wanted to do, was to don't forget her name in order to meet with her again in the future. Another thing that bind the two of them, was a flower, the iris. Romeo used to give them as a present to her mother, and it was a very fortunate coincidence that Juliet loved their scent. The begin of their story it's almost like a fairytail, and it continues partially like that when Romeo finds out the true identity of Juliet. He knows that the two of them can't stay together, but he names himself Love and tell her for the first time that he won't ever obey to his father's orders and that he loves her *blushes*. The part in which they live together after the marriage was really cute, I really adore it! Seeing them always blushing and being that nice together was amusing and very romantic! I have to say that they were really shy in some parts, but where it was needed, both of them were ready to start a battle against everything that would oppose their love, or that could hurt people they love. It is because of this that I think that Romeo and Juliet's love is like the manifesto of love! >w< Besides, as I previously stated, I loved the end of this series. Yes, at the end they both die together, and that was really a difficult choice... but the wish that Juliet made at the end is so beautiful that I almost burst into tears. Even in death, she will always be together with Romeo, even if in a different world, without the people she loves... their love became endless and will continue for the eternity. I'm a girl that gives a lot of importance to love, and I think that this couple is the proof that this emotion exists and it is not just something superficial. Because of this, I always suggest to read the manga or watch the anime, because the message that it gives is really beautiful and full of good meanings, even if the end is not like the one of the other common love story (it is a tragedy after all).

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan!


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