Hello! Welcome to "Being only Myself", a fanlisting dedicated to The 88th Alice (now she's known as Regret), a wonderful character from the series Are You Alice?, created and illustrated by the awesome Ninomiya Ai & Katagiri Ikumi!

Regret is the female character that more than any other touched me from the deep.
She was the one that before than Alice-boy has been chosen by the White Rabbit to become Alice in Wonderland. Unluckily, she was betrayed by Cheshire Cat and because of this she died, killed by him.

Now she's known as "Regret" (in fact, she represents The 88th Alice's regrets to hasn't been able to become "Alice", so, from here she got this name) and she did't like the idea that another person in that world could become "Alice", so she decided to do something herself to stop the game destined to other candidates.
After her first meeting with the actual Alice-boy, Regret tried to kill him, but she failed, and at last, now her plan to better try to realize her intentions is doing it together with another person... maybe someone that she thought to hate but now has become indispensable to her.

She's adorable~ Please, choose a link from the right to fully access the site, and if you're a fan of The 88th Alice/Regret, feel free to join her fandom!



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