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Hi! Welcome to No Fear, the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Mouri Ran, the heroine of the popular manga and anime Meitantei Conan, also known as Detective Conan or Case Closed!

Ran is a cheerful and determinated girl, daughter of a detective. Her life is full of complicated misteries even because she's in love with a young detective, his name is Kudou Shin'Ichi, a boy that for some circumstances, becomes a baby and hides his real identity behind the name Edogawa Conan. He lives in Ran's house with her and her father, but he doesn't want to revail who he is and Ran takes care of him as a little brother, without thinking that Shin'Ichi and him could be the same person.
She's very ingenue and sweet , even if she has doubts, she always believes in Shin'Ichi and in Conan too, and in every situation she does her best in order to be useful to the Police and to Conan.

Ran's passion is karate and she likes red, sign of a strong and marked personality. But she's very girlish too, she loves cooking and taking care of the house. Definitely, Ran is the most adorable character of the series!

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