Hi! Welcome to "Radiance", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Yogi , a hero and the sweetest character from the series Karneval, created and illustrated by the talented Mikanagi Touya!

Yogi is a beautiful person with a beautiful heart~
Definitely the one that more than any others I can call "hero" from Karneval series.
His heart is pure, and even if he spent sad moments in a horrible past, he always face life with a smile.
Yogi is so pure that he's not a good liar, and his reactions and thoughts are always natural. He can smile or cry so easily that even if he's 21, he looks more like a cute child~
But he's not just like that, he has a double personality that only desires to kill and to hurt, and he fights against it everyday, trying to do his best to win and to protect his precious friends, that he absolutely wants to protect, with the heart and with his strong will~

Thank you very much to my sweet Akira-chan , that scanned for me a lot of images I used to make the graphic of this fanlisting~
And thanks a lot to the kind Alyssa, previous owner of the fanlsiting, that sent me the members list!

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