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Hello! Welcome to "Clash of the Human Being", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the series Psycho-Pass , created and animated by Production I.G.!

Psycho-Pass is the most interesting and engaging series of the last years. The story shows a future society totally controlled by an artificial system called Sibyl System. It evaluates the crime coefficent of humans determining if they're latent criminals, so the Public Security of the State is assembled with Enforcers (people with a crime coefficient that excedes the normal) and Inspectors, that works together with them.

This is a world totally controlled by the Sibyl System, and criminals are judged by him. Also, Inspectors and Enforces' weapons are not simple guns but special one, called Dominators. Dominators works through the Sibyl, so they judge people by their crime coefficient. Obviously, if the coefficient is too high, the weapon give to his/her user the permission to kill the person.

In a world like this, where people and machines exchanged their roles, a woman called Tsunemori Akane starts her work as inspector of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division, where she'll meet comrades and enemies that will remember her how be human means~

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