Hello! Welcome to "Animal Instinct", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Power , the unconventional and adorable heroine from the series Chainsaw Man, created and illustrated by the great Fujimoto Tatsuki!

Power is my favorite character, and I have to say, she is someone that is everything but an ordinary girl. It is not because she is a blood fiend, but because she is someone with a unique personality, that can be as cute as hell and as bad as hell.
And what I appreciate the most about her is her incredible way to be so human even if she is everything but human. Because she is a big liar and an egoistic girl that seems to think only about herself, but knowing her better we can find her cute sides, and she is so sweet with her kitty, Nyako!

Step by step, her development as a character is awesome, at the point that now she looks more human than ever, even if... I don't want to spoil here readers that have chapters left at August 26th, but. Meh. The last chapter I read, the one about Denji's birthday, made me scream and now I am so pissed. I just hope in a miracle.


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