Hi! Welcome to "The other side of the Sword", the TAFL approved fanlisting for Orcelito Noctircus , an amazing character from the geat series +C: Sword and Cornett, created and illustrated by the awesome Yugyoji Tama!

Orcelito is the quiet and smart second prince of the prestigious Noctircus family, and his personality is very different from the ones of his brothers Hector, Belca and Musca, that have a bad-temper one. He likes books and his dreams are realizing a pacific country and protecting the persons he loves, especially his family.
Apparently he's pure and many times he's represented with white plumes, but this isn't totally the truth, because he's minded to stain his hands if the situation is hopeless. Orcelito's heart is torn between his role of prince (and the goodness of his country) and his role of brother. Because of these reasons, he always takes his decisions trying to sacrifice himself instead of the others. This is the reason why many times he moves like a schizophrenic...

I love all sides of Orcelito, especially his determination and his sense of justice! Absolutely, he's one of the most marvelous character I've ever seen! I realized the layout colouring a lot of black & white scans of him, always doing my best!

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