You reached Ace of Glass, the fanlisting dedicated to Misugi Jun, a charater of the series Captain Tsubasa. ♡

    Captain Tsubasa is a series that always reminds me of my childhood, when I started to watch it, I was about 10! >w< Since then, it has passed a lot of time, but my love for it and for its characters haven't reached the end. Misugi is a charcater that I looked with admiration both because he was one of the kindest among all and because of his health problems... even if he knew that he couldn't play, football was his life, and he continued to do it without giving up! *_* His strong will is the thing that I adored the most, because I think that it is a marvelous peculiarity that help us to go on with our life... as it happened with Misugi! ♡

    I'd love to thank the kind Sabine who let me adopt this fanlisting in August 2011!! Thank you so much, I'll take care of him forever! *--*

    If you are a fan of him, please, don't hesitate to join! ♡




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August 28, 2011: The fanlisting is up~ :D

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