Hi! Welcome to "Bloody Angel ", the TAFL approved fanlisting for Mina Tepes , the sweet, childish and crazy protagonist of the awesome series Dance in the Vampire Bund, created and illustrated by the great Nozomu Tamaki!

Mina is the princess of the Vampires and her dream is to create a place in which Vampires and Humans can live together. She's direct and determinated, cruel with evils and kind with only one person, her beloved Akira. They made a promise when they were children, and Akira's major desire is protecting Mina, even risking his life.

Mina is my favourite character from the series, she's a loli and she seems cute and childish, but at the right time she's strong and violent. The bloody Princess of Vampires is ready to fight with all herself to realize her dream and to be happy with the person she loves!

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