Hello! Welcome to the TAFL and TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Misaka Mikoto , a main character from the series Toaru Majutsu no Index (better known as A Certain Magical Index) and the heroine of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun), created by the talented Kamachi Kazuma and illustrated the awesome Haimura Kiyotaka and Fuyukawa Motoi !

Mikoto is a Level 5 esper of Gakuen Toshi and she's ranked as #3 among the seven of them.
She has the ability to manipulate electromagnetism and electricity, and because of this, the nickname she's known: Railgun.

Mikoto is a tsundere~ She's proud and stubborn, the kind of person that can't live her life without doing something for who needs a hand. Usually, she wals on the street of the city to find someone to save or someone to kick, because she's easy to use her own power to let justice prevail (or just to spend time doing something amusing).
Speaking of this, Mikoto can't follow the rules. She's easy to break them, and this is the reason whyeven if she wants to protect and save people, she's not part of Judgement like Shirai Kuroko, her room-mate and friend.
She has a proper conception of justice and of the way that a life of an esper should be, but since she wants to appear cool and arrogant to the others, many times she pretends to be very different from her real self.

Anyway, she has a golden heart and she loves so much her friends and her clones, that she kindly calls "sisters". She's also obsessed with a frog mascot called Gekota, that she likes more than everything else in her life.

One of the main readons I love her is that she doesn't know limits. She always overcomes them finding a way to become stronger! Since in the last light novels she changed ideas and personality too much times, I hope that Kamachi-sensei will just let Mikoto be as she was at the begin of this infinite series, that is about losing everything good it had... and about Mikoto, even many of the most attractive sides of her. Anyway, she's an adorable girl and I wish her the best in life~

I want to thank with all the heart the kind Avegaille, who let me adopting out this fanlisting in February 2015! I'll take good care of this site, many many thanks!!

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