Hello! Welcome to "Midnight Sun", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Heero Yuy and Relena Peacecraft, hero and heroine from the series Shin Kido Senki Gundam Wing (also known as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing), created by Studio Sunrise!

Heero and Relena are my favorite couple from this series and I loved them at once, so many years ago.

They started knowing each other because of terrorism and Relena easily became the main target of it. Heero was also a terrorist, and his life, at that time, was the one of a cyborg, or simply of someone who has nothing to lose dying. Because of this, the main reason why Heero changed his mind at the end of the series was not just all the kind of situations he overcame, but his deep development caused by Relena's efforts and love. She always guided him in a right way, trying to teach the boy how important is life and more than everything else, how important is living a life that you like. What those words cause in Heero's heart is the result of a complicated self-examination, due to his sad past, his savage present and his inesistent future.
Because Heero never believed in future or in someone else but himself, and the fact that he has comrades was not that meaningful for him as the fact that he was born to fight, to kill and to devote himself to a peace reached with violence and brute actions. Heero never knew kindness or such, so knowing Relena he also found a part of him that he never thought he has. I love so much who deep the development between these two is, and how much love and willpower they put in each other to challenge themselves and what life gave them since childhood.

Heero and Relena are so beautiful together that I think there are not any couple who became like this because of a war or because of battles, not because of love disguised for hate. Gundam Universe is infinite and we have a million characters, but Heero and Relena are two of the few that mean love for me. And if I could put someone on a throne, I choose them. Because the idea that love for someone borns from love for yourself is very truth, and Heero is an example of person that killed the others for hate and orders, and that was saved by the love of a single girl. As well as he stopped to kill for love and started saving for himself. And living for himself and his future.

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