You reached Facing my Past, the fanlisting dedicated to Tachibana Mei, the main character of the series Suki-tte ii na yo.

    I just found out this series and I found Mei an adorable character. I understand very much her point of view because when she was a child she lost every kind of faith in people. It happened the same thing to me, though it's happening from a year to nowadays. Well, it really is not simple to go on like this, but with her temperance, Mei tried to give faith to the person in which she started to believe. In fact, now she can proudly say that she has few friends and that she's happy with them. She grew a lot from her first appearance and I really hope she will continue to be herself until the end! ❤  She is very shy but honest and blunt at the same time. I ADORE this part of her, because she's not the usual character that becomes depressed because of unfair things, at the contrary, she fights trying to protect herself and her feelings (and the same goes for her friends, obviously ❤).

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