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written by JILLIAN



Chapter 1 Awaken in another World
This is a Marchen Awakens Romance/Pokemon crossover. None are mine.
Peta: Get to the point.
Me: Ok, ok. Anyways, this story is planned to be a series. Featuring one and only one MAR character who ends up in the Poke-.
Peta: Don't give away the plot!
Me: Sorry. I hope this series turns out good. I do not own Peta…
Peta: Hope not.
Me: I also don't own the Pokemon in this. I may make up new Attacks and new Pokemon as the story goes on. The new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon will be in this only when there English names are discovered.


A young man is lying on the ground in the middle of a forest. He is wearing an all black outfit with white/red triangle designs on it along with a matching hat that was lying next to him, seeing he was knocked out and all. His hair was long and dark gray/silver in color. Slowly he opened his eyes. Looking around all he could see were trees. ‘Where am I?' His gaze traveled around the area taking everything in. Nothing was familiar. “Where am I?” he said aloud.

“Can I help you?”

The voice was so sudden that he jumped back. “Yes actually,” he said. “Any idea where I am?” Before he wanted to say anything conserning the Chess no Koma or MAR he wanted to get some info out.

The girl gave him an understanding look. “You're in the middle of World Passage Forest,” she said. “This forest has a history of people from other worlds ending up here.”

His eyes opened wide. ‘Other world…' “What do you mean?”

“This is the Pokemon World,” the girl expialned. “And this forest otherwise known as World Passage Forest is where some from other worlds are magically brought from there own world only to land here is this one…the Pokemon World.”

Its happened before…' “Who are you?”

“My name is Luna,” the girl said smiling kindly. “And you are?”

“I'm Peta.”

“Nice to meet you Peta,” Luna said. “You may not know much about the Pokemon World seeing you accidently traveled here from another world,” she held up a small red and white ball and tossed it to the ground. “Meet my Eevee.” The ball opened and a small brown/cream colored fox like creature appeared.

“Eevee vee,” it called out happily.

“This is a Pokemon known as Eevee,” Luna expailned. “A Normal type. These forests aren't safe for anyone without a Pokemon; you better came with me, Peta.”

What is she saying? I can protect myself just fine without a Pokemon of my own,' Peta thought. But followed Luna anyway.


Else where in this world in a tall building two shadowy figures were sitting in front of computers. One of the computers then let out a small set of beeps.

“I've just tracked down unknown power sources,” one of the shadowy figures said. “Strange…I've never tracked down anything like this before.”

“Should I contact Derek and tell him?” said the other shadowy figure.

“Guess we should,” the first continued. “I've never picked up anything like this.” She typed a few things and looked back up. “Maybe we should check out this power source first. Just to see what we are dealing with.”


Chapter 2 Darkblood, the Black Pikachu


Peta and Luna continued though the forest. All Peta wanted was to find a way back to his own world.

“We're here,” Luna said.

The forest ended and they entered a town. A mountain range was in the distance.

Luna continued “We're not staying long. We're just stopping by to see if we can get you a Pokemon, Peta.”

I don't need a Pokemon,' Peta said to himself. ‘All I want is to get out of this world.'

“Why so quit?” Luna said.

“Nothing…” Peta said not looking at her.

“Look, Peta,” Luna said. “I knew you must miss your own world, but there is no way back.”

Peta had his eyes closed. When Luna said there was no way back they shot open as Luna continued.

“The World Passage Forest is only where others from other worlds come to this world,” she continued. “There is no return trip. So you'll just going to have to stay here in the Pokemon World.”

Peta looked down not listening ‘No way back…what would Phantom think…'

Luna stopped in front of a building. “This is where trainers from this town get there starter Pokemon,” she said. “It is ran by my older sister, Sola. Maybe she can give you a Pokemon.”

They walked though the front hall. Pictures of different types of creatures lined the wall. Peta looked at them. ‘These must be Pokemon,' he thought.

Luna was busy talking with someone in the room across from where he was looking at the pictures. She called over to him. “Hey, Peta!”

Peta turned. Luna waved for him to come over so he entered the room. A teenage girl about sixteen was there.

“So you're the one who came from another world,” she said. “My name is Sola,” she looked over at her sister. “Luna must have told you I run a Pokemon lab. I really just set new trainers off, but I only do it because this town does not have a lab.” She picked up a Pokeball. Instead of the normal red and white color this Pokeball was black and red. She handed it to Peta. “This Pokemon was caught just last night. Strange, I never saw one this color before.”

Peta pressed a button on the Pokeball and it opened with a flash of light. A small black colored mouse Pokemon appeared. Luna stared at it.

“A black Pikachu,” she said. She turned to Sola. “Where did you find it?”

“In front of World Travel Forest,” Sola said. “Strange, Pikachu aren't found in that forest. But this ones abnormal coloring is a mystery.”

The black Pikachu looked at Peta and began rubbing against his leg like a cat would do. “Pi pika,” it said.

“I likes you,” Luna said.

Peta looked down at the strangely colored Elecric Mouse Pokemon and thought. The red circles on this creatures' cheeks stood out with the black fur. Like two puddles on blood in the dark of night.

“Darkblood…” he thought out loud.

“Excuse me?” Luna said.

“Darkblood,” Peta said. “The name just fits this creature.”

“You can call it that then,” Sola said. “Aren't you going to start across Rockslide Mountain now, Luna?” She said turning to her sister.

“Oh, yeah,” Luna said. “Come on, Peta. Bye Sola. I'll call you when we reach Retrea Town.”

“Have a good time one your journey,” Sola said. She then turned to Peta. “You too, Peta.”

I don't even want to stay in this world,' Peta thought. He closed his eyes, ‘But I guess I don't have a choice.' With that he followed Luna out of the door.


They were now traveling on the rocky path of a mountain. Peta had not said a word since they had left Luna's sister. I was thinking about how his life had changed over the past two hours. I was knocked out of his thoughts by two voices.

“The power source,” a female voice said. “Its coming from one of those two.”

Peta looked towards where the voices were coming from and spotted two people. A male and female.

“Hand over the power,” the male said. “It is needed else where.”

“Who are you two?” Luna asked.

“I'm Bryan and this is my sister Less. And we're not leaving without the power.”

Peta froze. ‘Power?' He then spotted a device that Less was holding. ‘They must feel my ARMs with that thing.' ( Pronounced Air-Um)

“Not handing over the power huh?” Bryan said. “Well, maybe we have to take it then.” He grabbed a Pokeball. “Go Scyther!”

The bug type Pokemon appeared. Luna took out a small device and pointed it at the Scyther.

Scyther the Mantis Pokemon a voice said from the device. Its speed enhances the effectiveness of its twin scythes on its forearms. They can be so effective they can slice though logs with one stroke.

Less moved her device around and pointed at Peta. “The power is coming from that guy, Bryan.”

“Okay,” Bryan said. “If you don't give the power away freely we are going to have to take it. Scyther! Cut him in half!”

“Peta! Get out of there!” Luna yelled.

But Peta only stood there. ‘They want to see my power,' he thought. ‘So be it.'


Chapter 3 Secrets and Chellenges


The Scyther sped towards the not moving Peta. He was just standing there as if those blades were not going to hurt him. Luna could only stare as one of the Scyther's blades cut right though Peta.

“PETA!” she yelled.

Bryan laughed. “Its his own felt,” he said. “He had it coming. If he just gave us his power then he'd still be alive…”

He could not continue. For at that very moment Peta's body was covered with a large amount of purple colored blood—no Peta's body had become blood. A lot of it. It sprang up wrapped around Bryan. “You wanted to see my power,” Peta's voice said. Bryan turned to look sideways only to see Peta staring back. His head had appeared on the rubbery purple blood. “Well, here it is!”

Bryan screamed and started to struggle to get free, but Peta only tightened himself around Bryan. Then the blood sprang up into the air and dripped down forming back into Peta. He wasn't done yet. He brought one hand up—his finger nails grew into five bright red claws. He then ran to the Scyther and slashed at it at lightning speed—he slowed down; ending in two more slower slashes.

Less started running the other way as Bryan returned his now beaten Scyther. He met Peta in the eye—turned and ran away.

Peta watched them run and then turned towards Luna who stepped away. “S-stay back,” she said. “Y-you're not normal.”

They were both quit for a few minutes. During the fighting Peta had forgot that Luna was there. The ten year old girl seemed shocked to see him that way. Turning into blood was one thing—he decided not to tell Luna anything else. Peta turned and started to walk away.

“Peta, wait!” Luna yelled over.

Peta stopped. “What?” he said without turning around.

“I can't explain your powers—what are they?” Luna asked.

“My blood power is known as Blood Body,” Peta said. “That's all I'm telling you.” He continued to walk away. He didn't what to explain ARMs (Air-Ums) to someone who didn't know about them in the first place.

“W-wait,” Luna called over to him. “Don't go. I'm sorry I freaked out.”

Peta stopped, but did not turn around. His eyes were closed in thought. Should he stay with a girl no older then ten—and with his ARMs and all. There were still other ARMs he hadn't showed her and he didn't want to get the chance. She had seen enough. Luna was like a little sister to him, he didn't want her to get hurt by accident from one of his ARMs. He sighed, opened his eyes, and turned around.

“So you're staying?” Luna said. “We can still travel together?”

“Yes…” Peta replied. “I'm staying.”

“Good,” Luna said. “I'm glad you're alright.”

The two continued on, but after a while Luna stopped. “You know, Peta,” she said. “There is a city we're coming up to on the opponent side of where I planned to go. It is famous for its Pokemon Battle League tournaments.”

“Pokemon Battle League?” Peta said confused.

Luna nodded. “It's a year long Battle Club where trainers from all over battle each other using there Pokemon. How about we give it a try?”

Peta was shocked on what he was hearing. He didn't what to travel with Pokemon in the first place—but battle with them. That was a whole other story. He closed his eyes and turned away. “Explain.”

“Two Pokemon Trainers use there Pokemon in battle,” Luna expialned. “They order there Pokemon to use attacks on the other persons Pokemon. That goes on till one of the Pokemon fainted—or gets knocked out. Then if the battle is not a one on one the trainer with the defeated Pokemon can send out another. In Sunola City the Pokemon Battles are mainly one on one, double battle, or three on three. What do you say, Peta? Want to battle?”

The idea was interesting. Peta seemed to like the idea of Pokemon battles. “I'll give it a try, besides there is no way home.”


About three hours passed and the sun was starting to go down. Luna spotted the city first. “Look, we're here.”

The city was like all cities—big. But there was something about it that was different. Peta could not figure it out, but it sensed that these Pokemon Battles went on here all the time.

“I signed up here already,” Luna said. “The sign-up building is near the entrance into the city. I'll be at my apartment getting some rest. I'll try to find you tomorrow. Bye, Peta.”


About an hour later, Peta was in an apartment on the other side of the city. A wine glass of some kind of red substance was on the table next to him—but it was not wine. Peta was looking at a book he had got when he signed up into the city.

“This city has never seen anything like me before,” he drank form the glass and closed the book. “Tomorrow I battle .”

NOTES: Who can guess what Peta is drinking? Hint: Its something that makes his Blood Body power for effective.


Chapter 4 The Tour and a Battle


Peta woke up the next day confused on where he was. Then he remembered he was in another world. A world known as the Pokemon World. He looked out of the window at the streets of the city. Sunola city—that was what Luna had called it. Luna. Peta then remembered that she was going to show him around the city.

“Well…” he said. “This is it. Lets see what this Pokemon Training thing is like.” ‘Still…what will Phantom think of my absence. I'm always with him…and now.' He could not continued. Thinking about his place in the Chess no Koma was not helping. He was going to have to deal with life in this new world.


About two hours later Peta had met up with Luna. The ten year old girl was showing him everything that Sunola City was about. There seemed to be a lot to do around here.

“The battles are done in stadiums,” Luna said. “There are many stadiums. You can always battle on the basic battle stadium, but you can also battle on the more challenging fields. They are the water, ground, ice, and grass fields.”

Peta was still thinking about how he was going to be missed back in his own world, but another thought broke though that. “Some trainers have more then one Pokemon,” he said. “Where do you catch them?”

“This is a city,” Luna said. “But this city has something the other don't have. They are small portals that you can enter and be teleported to other places in the Pokemon World. All you do is step in the portal and say the name of the place you want to go and the portal will do the rest. When you want to come back you have to find the returning portal somewhere in the place you have chosen to go.”

Peta thought about that for a while and took out the Pokeball Sola had given him. Inside was his only Pokemon. Darkblood, a Pikachu that was pitch black in color. He wondered if he could build up a team of these creatures—these Pokemon. He stared at the Pokeball for a while and turned to Luna. His mind going though many thoughts. Finally he could not hold it back any longer. “Luna.”

“Yes, Peta?” she said.

“I need to talk to you about something,” he said.


They were back at Peta's apartment. He had told Luna everything. About the Chess no Koma, his ARMs, everything. He was now waiting for what Luna was going to respond.

“Wow…” Luna said. “That's a lot, Peta. Being part of that Chess no Koma group and then coming here. I don't know what you must be thinking now. Too top it off you drink blood to make you Blood Body power—I mean ARM more effective.”

“I'll understand if you want me to leave Sunola City,” Peta replied. ‘What's wrong with me…this is not how I normally act.'

“Peta,” Luna replied. “I don't want you to leave Sunola City. How about you battle me?”

Peta looked over towards Luna. “You want a battle?”

She turned to where the book Peta was reading the night before was lying and picked it up. “I see you have been studying the Pokemon Trainers Guide,” she said. “So how about it. A quick one on one battle?”

I don't know why I feel this way?' Peta thought. ‘I may be becoming less evil. I'll just have to deal with what I have here.' “Your on!”


A little while later Peta and Luna were facing each other on one of the battle stadiums. Luna tossed down her only Pokeball. “Lets go Eevee!”

The normal type appeared in a flash of light. “Vee!”

This is it,' Peta thought. “Darkblood! Lets give it all we got!” ‘I truly am changing. For the better.'

“Eevee use Tackle!” Luna yelled.

The brown/cream colored fox Pokemon ran at the black Pikachu it was fighting.

Lets see if this works,' Peta thought. “Use Quick Attack!”

Darkblood sped up and the Eevee's Tackle attack missed, but Luna did not seem to be giving up. ”Now used Take Down!”

Eevee slammed into Darkblood full force knocking the black Pikachu back.

“Darkblood! Try Slam!” Peta yelled.

“Pi,” Darkblood nodded and slammed into Eevee. The Evolution Pokemon slid back, but it was clearly not out yet.

“Use Double Team!” Luna called out.

Eevee made copies of itself and ran circles around Darkblood.

“Darkblood use Thunder Bolt!” Peta yelled. “Hit them all!”

Darkblood fired off the Thunder Bolt towards the real Eevee and its copies. It hit them all and the copies vanished. The real Eevee was knocked back and out of the battle. Peta had won.


“That was a good battle,” Luna said. “But some trainers are more stronger then us. We are going to have to train hard and catch more Pokemon. Tomorrow lets try to find one of those portals ok, Peta?”

Peta seemed deep in thought again.

“Hay, Peta,” Luna said. “Those two—you know Less and Bryan. They may still be after you power—they don't know that they are ARMs. They might come back and be more tougher to beat next time so try to make that Blood Body ARM of yours more powerful for when you meet them again.”

Peta nodded and left Luna for the night. He had won his first battle, but the thought that Less and Bryan may come back stayed with him—he was going to have to power up his Blood Body ability more then last night.


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