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“Stop showing off….” That's the wimp calling behind me.

I stare at him, “Can't get your headband back, Ga-chan? (adds a heart)”

“Stop calling me that name.”

“Ga-chan, Ga-chan, Ga-chan!”

“Give my headband back.”

“No, Ga-chan! Get it yourself!” I skate through the corridors, laughing wickedly at poor Galian behind.

He groans, looking really, really tired. Well, as you know, I love stealing his headband. First, I got caught, second, I got caught too, he grabbed his beloved headband and wore it, terrified anyone else might saw him without the blue material. Hah! But not now! I'm using my skates! He's still a mad lightning as always. And really stupid too. I always succeeded grabbing his headband.

Suddenly ‘he' appears in front of me. That freaky unable-to-dead ghost. He smirks at me, who's charging at maximum speed, with Ga-chan panting and wheezing behind. And damn it! He makes his bullshit force field and I bump into it, scattering into pieces ( just joking, if I die, who will continue this story? Hah! Yeah, envy me!) I lie on the floor, miming like I'm in agony pain. Ga-chan storms towards me, trying to grab the headband, but I won't let it go.

“Let go of it.”


“Give it to me.”

“I say no!”

Phantom raises an eyebrow. Galian looks really frustated dealing with a tug-of-war with me. “Difficulties, Galian?”

Ga-chan looks at him in a please-help-me-sir, I'm-a-helpless-puppy way. Phantom smiles. He bows down and whispers,”Peta's blood supply is empty again. I wonder if you will give him a jugful? If you don't release Galian's headband, that is…(adds a heart)”

I quickly let go of that wretched blue thing. Ga-chan happily wears it again, looking at Phantom in an appreciative way. I grumble, then stand up again.

“Don't you ever steal my headband again, you jerk.”

“You're the one who's a jerk! You always get tricked by me!”

“Stop this, you two. Galian, you come with me.” That's P.

He follows P like a puppy saved by a strong, magical, fantastic god. Only he's not a god. He's a ghost.

I moan and go to my room. Yeah, my own room! It's bigger than Gido's or Ian's room, seeing as I'm a bishop. Now what can I do? Teasing Rapunzel? Yeah, that's it!

I skip my way along the corridors. Where is that hag, now? Instead of her, I meet her all-time-favourite-enemy, Candice!!! She rushes to me, like a mommy who just found her long-lost daughter.


I groan, but manage to give her a couple of ‘Yes, Mommy?' eyes. She's been saving me from every Rapunzel's brutal attacks, scratching her, pulling her drill hair, screaming at her, wow…. She's a bionic woman, I must say…

She shakes me until everything is a blur.

“Keira!!! That hag isn't hurting you, right?!”


She releases me. “Oh, yay! Now Phantom's going to praise me lots and lots, for protecting you!!!” She's sparkling again. I'm sick of seeing her like that.

“Yeah, yeah. I don't need your protection, actually.”

She glares at me. “What?!”

“Bye!” I dash off, before she turns from Sparkling Fairy Girl to Dynamic Destroyer Monster.

I lose my determination to tease Rapunzel. Urgh. Now what? Ga-chan has left me. And his headband is back in place now! Maybe next time I should steal his hiraiken. Or his electric frisbees. Or maybe I should cut his hair when he's sleeping… Or paint his clothes to bright pink? Yeah, that's all a good idea. Now is 8 p.m. He should go to sleep after his boring old chat with boring old ghost.

Then someone pats me. I shriek and kick him right in the groin. Ga-chan kneels in front of me, groaning and whining. I scream with laughter, trying to get his headband and his hiraiken.

Bzzzt!!! Ouch! He electrify my hand! Shit!

“You…devil…” he says, whimpering.

“You're a devil yourself! Electrify my poor, innocent hand?! I'll tell this to Candice and she'll definitely stomp you until you're nothing but a sheet of your asshole headband!”

“For…get…about…that… Let's go…to Phantom….”he says, trying to get up.


“Yes. And don't try running away.”

“Yes, I will.”

I run for my life. Bzzzzzzttttt! I lie on the floor, gasping.

“How's the taste of my Electric Frisbees?”

“You shut up.”

“No, you shut up. Let's go.” He drags me, clutching my new robe.

I kick and yell and smack his hand along the journey. A pawn is passing by, staring at us in a bewildered way.

“Help me! You there! Smack his face and set me free! He's kidnapping me! Aaaah!!!”

“Stop yelling. You'll make an earthquake.”

The pawn is still staring, looking at Galian, struggling whether to keep silent or smack his face.

Ga-chan gives him a ‘shoo' movement, telling him to ignore my yelling. He wanders off, out of my sight.

“You pig! Now my only chance to live is gone! Aaaah!!! Candice-san! Help!!!”

“I said, stop yelling! Why are you so afraid of Phantom?!”

“And I ask you, why are you so fond of Phantom?!”

“I am not fond of him! There's nothing to be afraid of! Stop struggling!”


Suddenly, like a Wonder Woman ready to rescue the victims, she rush to me, from the other corridor. She's ready to save me from Mad Lightning Guy.

“Galian, what are you doing to her?!”

“Dragging her to see Phantom.”

She stares at Ga-chan, doesn't look convinced at all. She turns to me,”Is he telling fibs?”

“Yes, yes, Candice-san! Oh, please, help me! He's always acting like a mad lightning! Look, my hand!!!!”

She sees my hand. She sees my other wounds. Then pulls out his super axe.

“Die you, Galian!”

Ga-chan twitches. He pulls out his hiraiken with one arm. They start an axe vs hiraiken war. I yell all the time, being dragged here and there with Ga-chan. He's even madder when he's fighting. Candice always try to chop his hand, but fails because of that damn hiraiken. If he and she miss just a centimetre far, my neck will be the ones that's chopped.

Then Phantom comes. Oh, my ghost-savior! He looks fazed by the axe and hiraiken war.


Bang! Zip! Boom! Doom!


“I'll kill you, Galian!”


“She's the one who tells fibs!”

“You two…”

“You think I can believe that?!”

“You better believe me! I'm a knight, stupid!”

“All knights tell fibs!”



Phantom summons his energy again. The two mad guys still don't realise it, until two guardians pull their arms back (only one arm for Ga-chan. Damn it), and stretch it until they whine and yell.

“Stop it, you two. Galian, come with me. Candice, he's not telling fibs, but I appreciate your attempt to protect the bishop.”

Candice is bright red in the face. She says ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry' to Phantom, until P smiles and tells her to not worry and why don't she sleep now, it's getting late, etc.,etc…

I frown at Ga-chan. “You bitch….”

“Don't call me a bitch. You're telling fibs again?!” He pinches my cheek, until it expands to jumbo-size.

“Aaaah!!! Don't pinch me! First you drag me all the way here, then you pinch me?!”

Ga-chan looks at Phantom like a sad sack. P smiles at me, then tells Ga-chan to let me go. I stand up, brushing all the dirt off me. I sullen at him and P.

“Put that face away. Tell her, Phantom.”

“Well, Keira. I've been thinking to send you to team MAR's place. At Ragenrave. I see that you're very good at making troubles and running away from it. So…maybe you can make fun of them?”

I stare at him. I stare at Ga-chan. “When?”


“Oh, yeah! New people to make fun of!”

Ga-chan looks extremely relieved. I think he's happy that I'm not around him. Heheheh…I'll make a nice memory for him…

“Off to bed, now. And you too, Galian. It's already 8.45 p.m.”

I skip to my bedroom. I'm not going to bed. I sit in front of my bed, looking at the watch.
At 9.30 p.m., Ga-chan must have nod off…Heheheh….

I open my prank tool box. Yes! All complete! I'll just have to go to Ga-chan's room now…

I tiptoe lightly to his room. No sounds. I peer through the keyhole. Yep! Ga-chan is sleeping now! I come in, then do my secret work. Hahahahah!!!

Morning already. I get up and bundle my tool box. I just get out of my room, when…

“Keira!!! You shittin' little prankster! What do you do to my hair?! My headband?! My clothes…?! And hiraiken!!!”

Just seeing him running like a total jerk makes me laugh non-stop! I dye his hair and his clothes pink ! And I write ‘I'm Ga-chan!!!' on his headband. I also draw flowers all over his hiraiken, and smiley faces, and all the girly stuff. He may not realise it yet, but I write ‘I'm a shit, crazy, madder than ever lightning. I like all the girlies stuff, just look at me! I'm dead sexy, right???'

I quickly use my Andata to run away from him, blowing raspberries. He stops, panting and scarlet with rage, matching his bright pink series. I still can't stop laughing when I arrive in Ragenrave.


“Get off him, Dorothy!”

“Dorothy! Please! That's enough!”

“Gintaaaannnn!!!” Chu, chu, chu…


They see me. Ginta uses the opportunity to get off Dorothy and scurries towards me.

“Hi! You're…?” (I've put away my mask and my earring so I don't look like a Chess no Koma)

I come with an idea. I suddenly kneel in front of them, looking extremely in pain.

“Hey, are you okay?”


“Are you hurt?” That's Snow.

“Just heal her with the Holy ARM, for goodness' sake.” Dorothy.


“Wait, I'll heal you with my Holy ARM.”

I pull a terrified face.

“Th….That creature behind you…!!!”

“What?” G&S turn their heads.

“Gotcha!!!!” I pull G's pony tail and S's ribbon. I stand up, then kick their backs. Boom….Fall on the ground, both of them.

Dorothy screams,”Gintaaannn!!! How dare you!!!” I laugh hysterically, dodging every wind of her wretched Z—or whatever its name is.

“I'm not going to forgive you for kicking my Ginta!!!” She's screaming like crazy, all her body goes bouncy, boing boing…, as she jumps and waves her broom and attacks me like a crazy quilt.

“Forget it, witch!!! Weapon ARM!!! Punching Gloves!!!”

A glove that is usually used by boxer comes out of the ground. Dorothy is sent flying-- and screaming,”Eeeeekkk!!! You'll pay for that, you squirt!!”

Something rolls to my feet. I grab it, and read the label: Dorothy-chan's secret powder, effective to ‘shoo' all blackheads!!! Ohohohoh!!!

Dorothy got blackheads?! On that white, porcelain-like face?! Wow, newest discovery!!!

I run with all my new items, laughing wickedly. (Actually, I hide behind a tree to see their expressions *sneaky, sneaky*)

“…Dorothy, are you okay? Ow, that bastard kicks me really hard!!!”

“Gintaaaannn!!! I'm sorry I don't catch her…. Forgive me, pleeeassseeee!!!” *Puppy's eyes*

“Okay, okay, Dorothy…”

“Yaaaayyyy!!” *hugs, kisses, hugs, kisses, hugs, kisses, etc.*

“Wait a minute…My ribbon!!! She steals it!!!”

“For goodness' sake, it's only a ribbon.”

“It's not only a ribbon! It's made of the highest quality of silk, sewn by the tiniest, weeniest, smallest fairy in MAR Heaven! And Daddy use every single of his energy to climb to the top of the tallest tree in the world, to catch the colour of the rainbow!!! To make the gorgeous, perfect, pink colour!!! The zip is made from the rarest ever steel, dug nearly to the core of the world!! My ribbon!! Oh, my poor, perfect, gorgeous, high-quality ribbon!!! My pewters ribbon!!!” she wails non-stop, nearly in tears.

Dorothy and Ginta looks dazed. “Well, um, that's a very expensive ribbon, Snow…”

“Yes!!! And what if it's spoilt?! Every string of it is my life!!! I can feel the pain of it! The uncomfy it felt in that bitch's hands!!! Ribbon-chaaaaannnn!!!” She's sobbing now, as if her all-time most and one-and-the-only favourite ribbon is stolen. ( I mean, she got heaps more, right?)

“Gintan, now that I realise it… Where's your pony tail?”

Blond-boy rubs his bare head with a panic expression. “Noooooo!!! That rascal!”

“What's up, Gintan?!”

“I just make my greatest effort of glueing it with my Ultra-Sticky Superglue!! And now she pulls it off again!”

“You glue your own hair?!”

“Well, yes… I'm playing hairdresser with Babbo, and he got the first turn to cut my hair. Well…bite it, actually. And he bites my pony-tail off!!!” He glares at Babbo.

“Not my fault. He says my head is bald, then I bite his head for teasing me…and there's a teeny-weeny accident with his hair…At least you still got your mango-colour hair!”

“Mango-colour?!!! And do you know I grow my hair for six years! Until it become long and sparkly and beautiful and—“

“—dirty and stupid until you look like a yankee.”

“What?!” And as usual, they got into their punch-and-kick fight with smoke around them.

Dorothy suddenly looks panic too. Seizing her pocket (secret pocket), then looks like a real angry and kill-wanting witch.

“She steals my powder, too!!!”

“What powder?” Ginta vs Babbo 100th fight pauses. Snow stops sobbing and looks at her, in a pityingly way.

“The one to eliminate blackheads! Oh, now how am I gonna deal with bogging blackheads?!”

“Let's chase her!!!” Snow yells, suddenly her eyes that is full of tears—one litre of tears—turn into super hot and bright flames.

So off they go, to the opposite way from my position. Dummies…

I put all of the items in my prank tool box. Then I see the fairy-maniac with his one-and-the-only known fan (Bell, I mean). She's talking to him non-stop, even if Blue-Haired-Bishounen only smiles and nods at her. I rush like a maniac, bumping to him.

“Watch it, dude.” Me.

Bell frowns,”You're the one who bumps to Alviss-san!”

“It's okay, Bell. And you are…?”

“It's none of your business, squirt.” I strike a pose like a real yankee. Everyone back in Luberia always call me a drama queen.

Alviss stops smiling,”Well, maybe it is not my business. Come on, Bell.” I ignore this bubble speech.

“Cool triangles, buddy. Can I have a look?”

He suddenly stops, looking terrified. “Don't you ever look at my mark!”

“Come on, just one little peep.”

He finally surrenders. Bell acts like a tiny dog for him, growling at me.

I analyse his plain triangles with the same pose as Ga-chan's. I smirk, then pulls out a paper-like glue from my tool box.

“What is that…?” he asks, dropping a sweat.

“This!!!” I push it towards his red mark, then pull it again. Yep! It move from that lad's face to my paper.

“G'bye, and thanks for the mark!!!” I shriek and use my skates.

“My inheritance!!!” he yells, looking horrified, then starts to chase me. He's not as good as Ga-chan, but better than Halloween.

“Inheritance, Alviss-san???”

“Well, you see, Bell… My grandfather's father's grandfather's grandfather's sister's twin brother (can you understand? XD)gave the mark to his offspring, and I get it from my father!!! Each worths pewters!!! I got to get it back, no matter what!”

“…I don't know that you are rich, Al-san…”

“You bet I am!”

“But why you keep it under your eye?!”

“I'm a forgetful person, actually…”

“…” Bell is speechless.

He chases me to the Castle's border. There's a huge, huge wall like the ones in that Human-Egg story ( Humpy Dumpy, anyone knows?).

“Got you now!!!”

I smirk. He's now charging at maximum speed, nearly as fast as Mad Lightning Ga-chan. I skate to the wall, skate on the wall, skate to the air, skate on the air! There! Oh, yeah, I know what you're thinking. Wonderful, fantastic, gorgeous, elegant Skater Keira. Look at me! Gleaming with my beautiful face, my wondrous blue hair under the sun, oooooohhhhh!!!! (I want you all to remember, Keira is narcissism XD)

Poor rich boy can't stop his speed. Kabooom!!! Bell screams hysterically, seeing the Inheritance-maniac lad bumps into the wall, groaning painfully.

“Al-saaaan!!! You bitch! Al-san, do you hurt yourself?!”



I pat his head, then leave the couple alone, one screaming ‘Al-saaaan!!!' all the time while the other one only mumbles and groans. 4 people down!!! 4 valuable items (except that pony-tail) in hand!

Next, I see a man shivering up in a tree. Alan!!!
“G' day, mate.” ( speaking a la Jack Sparrow XD)

“Not a good day for me!!!”

I peer to something beneath the tree. Three lovely, harmless, cute kittens are meowing to him.

“Ah.” (I'm imitating Phantom's usual speech)

“Don't say ‘Ah'! Do something with them!!!”

“Cat-phobia, mate?”


“Ok, mate. Why are you afraid of them?”

“Look, I don't need a psychiatrist. Just make those creepy cats bog off!!!”
I make a Sure-you-don't-want-me?face with an extra special edition of my puppy's eyes, tears brimming. (No wonder they call me a drama queen)

He shrugges,”Okay, okay, don't make that face. Look, 6 years ago, I found a cat. I wanted to play with it, but…”

“But???” My eyes widened.

“See my scratch on the cheek? That's the scratch made by that cheeky little cat!” He shivers.

I roar with laughter, still floating in the air with my skates. He stares at me, looking irritated.

“Okay, okay, I'll help you, mate!”

“Really? Thanks!”

I step to the ground, looking at the kittens begging for mercy. I smirk, then put each one of them to my limitless-volume tool box. I come back to the top of the tree. He smiles at me.

“Thanks! But where do they go?”

I don't answer him. I pull out some rats perfume (XDDD) and spray it to him.

“Cough! What are you—“

I laugh really, really wickedly, and open my tool box. Meow! Rrreeoowww!! Scraaatchhh!!!

“Aaaaaaah!!! You liar!!! Ouch! Ow! Get them off me!!! Aaaah!!!”

All the kittens are dangling to him, paws stabbing his poor hands. He falls of the tree, still with the kittens scratching and biting him.

I put something on his head before he fell. And he doesn't know. Heheheheh….

Wicked? You bet I am! Back in Luberia I always do pranks…with…this white-haired girl… I still don't know who she is…Phantom won't tell me…

I skate on the air, feeling the cold breeze blows my face…and with all the ‘Gintaaan!!!' and ‘My hair! Damn you, Babbo!' and ‘Ribbon-chaaaaannn!!!' and ‘Al-saaaannn!!!' and ‘Inheritance…' and ‘Ow! You devil cats!!! Ouch!' behind me. I wonder how Ga-chan will cope with his new girly edition?

“Earth Beans!”

Then a plant grabs me, I'm stuck!!! I kick and yell and scream for help. I even call Ga-chan! He doesn't come to save me, though… That demon!

Then the plant disappears. I gasp and slowly step to the ground. A monkey-face boy is rushing towards me.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“I'm not blooming okay.”

“I'm sorry! I'm just training a little bit…”

I stare at him from head to foot. Tsk. So pathetic. I suddenly specify something interesting.

“Hey, what's that in your pocket?”


“Come on, let me have a look!”

“No, please don't…”

“Please???” *Medium-size puppy's eyes.*

“Errr….o…okay, just don't tell the others!”

“Yay!” I happily receive the thing he put in his pocket.

Oh, my jolly gosh, a cuddly doll??!! Can't believe it!!!!!

“Give it back, now…”

I stick my tongue out. “No!”

I run away with the dirtiest, filthiest tiny rabbit doll ever. Jack yells in a terrified way.

“No!!! You steal Mr. Hopschins!!! I'll get you soon, Mr Hopschins! Don't worry! Papa's here!!!”

“Papa?! Oh, jeez, are you a 3-years-old baby? Playing with cuddly toys?! For pity's sake, grow up!!!” I throw something to him. He stops to pick it up. Heh…

I run as quick as lightning. His speed is the same as Halloween. Tsk, tsk, not interesting…


“Hahahahah!!! Ladies, let's have one more drink, huh??? You, you with the blue hair! You're kinda cute, wanna join us?”

Nanashi!!! My former senior! He's now a playboy?! He doesn't even remember me! Forgetting the attractive, gorgeous, beautiful Keira?! I can't believe this!!! ( She's forgot that she forgets Nanashi too, if not for Galian's Holy ARM, she would still be an absent-minded person, and I remind you again, Keira is narcissism.XDDDDDDD)

“Hey! Wanna join us?! Let's have fun!”

My mouth is open. “Nanashi?!” I gasp.

“Yeah, that's me! You know me, cutie? Here, have a drink!”

“I can't believe it's you!”

You're a big fan of me, huh? Want my autograph?” He's terribly misunderstand.

“Nanashiiii, give us your autograph!!!”

“Yeah, yeah! Let's queue now, lovies!”


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