Hello! Welcome to "Just One Reason", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Fuwa Mahiro , a hero from the series Zetsuen no Tempest, written by Shirodaira Kyou and illustrated by Sano Arihide & Saizaki Ren!

I consider Mahiro the most enigmatic character form the series~
Many times is impossible understanding his decisions, he's the kind of person that has just one goal in his life and he dedicates all himself to get it. He doesn't care about conseguences, and he's not interested in being kind or generous with people that have not anything to give him in exange.
But... behind his indifference for the world and his crazy way to fight, there's an infinite love for Aika-chan, and a strong will to get revenge for her.
Definitely, Mahiro could be considered the "evil" one of the heroes of this story (since Yoshino is the good one), but I think he's the most awesome from this story~

Thank you so much to my sweet Miriallia for the suggestion of the title! I think it suits very well on Mahiro, because the fact that he lives just for one reason and he acts for it, is the meaning of him character~

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