Hi! Welcome to "Lost End", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Alice , the protagonist of the series "Are you Alice?", a very appreciated series of drama cds edited in Japan since June 2006, that in this year got an amazing manga serialization in the monthly magazine Zero-Sum. It's created and illustrated by the awesome Ninomiya Ai & Katagiri Ikumi!

Our Alice is the most particular incarnation of another Alice, the little protagonist of "Alice in Wonderland", the most important tale of Lewis Carroll, that is the base of this story.
Alice is the totally opposite of the girl that we know, he's a boy that meets with a world where his goal isn't turing home escaping from strange creatures, but find the White Rabbit. Finding her (a female cute girl, yes) he have to kill her in order to obtain the freedom from the Queen of Hearts (that obviously here is a man XD) in a killer game.

Alice is a very interesting character and I love his way to be just himself, always following his heart even if all the characters of the series seem tell him what he must do. His strong personality and his coldness make him very cool, I adore him. I coloured all the manga images I used for the graphics, he deserves all my love.

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