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    Kurumi is my favourite character of this series! I like a lot her personality because of the two faces that she has when she goes to school and when she's in her spirit form. She remains herself anyway, but at the same time, when she's a spirit she changes her personality into something brutal and very evil. Though she can be a bad person, she can be totally adorable too. I always thought of her as a girl that needed to be saved, because she was always caring when it came about something she could change. She saved the life of a kitty when she could, and that was very touching, even if it was something she could evade.
    She's a pervert too, and I usually like a lot this kind of parts with her because she becomes creepy and I want to know what will happen after that! XD I really hope she can be happy at the end of the series, because what she really needed is to prove love for someone and not necessary a love interest with a boy. I think that with a friend it will be the same, just a way to share something with the others and to show her real self once in a while!❤

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan of her! *--*


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