Hello! Welcome to "Killer Instinct", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Akabane Karma , an incredible character from the series Ansatsu Kyoshitsu (better known as Assassination Classroom), created and illustrated by the great Matsui Yusei!

Karma is the character that made me get into the series.
He's an unpredictable person that since his arrive in Class 3-E changed the atmosphere there a lot.
He's pretty smart and sharp, but even if it looks like he's smiling all the time, he nurses a huge hate in the deep of his heart. He was betrayed by his teacher and treated like a troublesome doll, that's why Karma doesn't care anymore of the school or of the consequences of his behaviour there.

He was an elitary student, but since he decided to punish a schoolmate that was about bullying the others, he was considerated just like a troublesome one, and treated like trash. His beloved teacher was someone who was only interested in having the best students and a great career, but Karma is not like the others.
He started hating teachers and school, and he was suspended for a long time for beating up not just his schoolmates but the teacher too.

And the teacher deserved it, damn it. Both teachers and students are human being and treating students like trash is just the most deplorable thing that a tracher would do.

Anyway... He understood that not every teacher is like that, and that was thanks to Koro-sensei. Because he showed Karma that he was ready to sacrifice his own life to save the one of a student. Because every life is important and Karma's one as well. That's why he started trusting him. Not teachers, not all the teachers, but just Koro-sensei.

Karma is adorable, isn't he? He has a bad mouth and a harsh way to make things, but he's sincere and frank, I love him. I love, love, love, love him with all the heart~

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