Hello! Welcome to "Picture Your Victory", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Kai Toshiki , a charismatic and marvelous character from the series Cardfight!! Vanguard, created by Ito Akira, Nakamura Satoshi, Bushiroad and TMS Entertainment!

Kai is my favorite character and I started to follow the series because of him~
He looks quiet and silent, also antisocial, because he prefers to stay alone instead of playing with the others, but this is a side of him that can be easily defeated, because who really is his friend knows that he's just a tsundere.

Truly, he's a person with a golden heart. He's smart and brave, the kind of person always ready to fight to make the others able to understand the right way to play Vanguard and to be honest with themselves.
Kai always says that he's not the kind of nice person always ready to help the others, and he tries to appear like a villain, but he has the most sincere and beautiful heart that a person could have!

Furthermore, Kai is a talented Vanguard player and he's a master to use Dragon. His Kagero (and after it, Narukami) deck is always ready to show wonderful battles in which he'll put his heart~
But Kai is not just a cardfighter, the best part of him is the hidden one, his kindness and his strong will! So, even if he tries to appear cold and self-confident, his friends (especially Aichi and Ren) will always know that he's the kind of friend that they can trust!

Kai has a sad past and he lives a difficult situation, because he's alone... but he always do his best to live in his own way, and to give a meaning to his life, full of satisfactions and strong feelings because of Vanguard!

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