You reached Different Paths, the fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Kagura Yato & Okita Sougo, two of the funniest characters of Gintama, by Hideaki Sorachi.

Since it is from years that I follow this series and I love this couple, I'm glad to own their fanlisting now! *--* Even if they're from two different sides, and they fight the most of the times, they know how to be accomplice too, and this is great! I love the way they do it, because they continue to yell at the other one! XDD I really did my best for the layout and the other things I'll try to insert in the extras!

If you're a fan of them as me, please, consider to join the fanlisting! :D



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November 16, 2010: The fanlisting reaced 50 members!! *--* Thank you so much for your support~
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Added the about section. ^-^
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