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He's the first Visored (known as Vizard) that meets Ichigo.
At the begin he sows himself as his schoolmate, but after, he says his real intensions, that are the ones to convince Ichigo to join his group, the Visored.
The boy knew the half-shinigami's real nature, and, as the same of him, he wants Ichigo by his side. With an ironical and funny personality, he changes often his way to do things, he can be serious or light, it depends from his mood.
He's a linatic and sincere type, but he never esitates to say what's in his thoughts. he's probably the strongest of the group, and he knows how to fight an Arrancar. He has scaring skills and his presumptious is heavy like his strenght. Even if he acts in a contraddictual way, he's a good guy who just wants to live as he wants, following his istinct. His Zanpakutou is unknown, we just know that it is a normal sharped-katana with a curve edge.



100 years ago, Shinji lived in the Soul Society and he was Captain of the 5th Division, where his lieutenant was Aizen Sousuke.


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