Hello! Welcome to "So take me with you!", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Hiro , the protagonist from the series Darling in the FRANXX, created by Studio TRIGGER and A-1 Picture!

Hiro is the protagonist of the series, a guy that feels incomplete because of some unknown reason. He tries to be a good pilot with all himself, but he always fails. This is the reason why the bird jyan reminds him of himself. That is a bird with a single wing, that need another bird like it to fly. And if two jyan are together they are one. And they can fly eveywhere. Just like he can do with Zero Two, when they pilot together the Strelizia and not just this. Because they are one as a soul.

Just two minutes of the first episode made me love him with all my heart. I feel like Hiro is not just his name but what he means as a person: a hero. He also is the one that, in a place where every child is called by a code of numbers, gave everyone a name that suited the person. He also named even himself.

Hiro is so romantic and determined. The kind of person that never let go what is important, because when he understood what he was about to lose and that he loves Zero Two, he left the world behind just to reach her. The meaning of their love is what made my heart feel warm. I also think that knowing a person like him would be a dream. Knowing Hiro made me think "I would like to stay with you forever", because he loves with all himself. He really is the meaning of love, together with Zero Two.

The reason why I called this site "So take me with you!" is what he replied to Zero Two. This is the answer to his questions and hers as well. She wanted a hand to grab, that never let her go. And he wanted to stay with her, to hold that hand. I can see them as one, this is the reason why I made the fanlistings of the two of them with the same graphic choises, as you can see from the Zero Two one.

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