Hello! Welcome to "Waiting for... The Right Time", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Hattori Heiji and Toyama Kazuha, two super cute and funny characters from the series Detective Conan, created and illustrated by the awesome Aoyama Gosho!

Detective Conan is a mystery manga but a romantic comedy too, so the fact that after all these years Heiji and Kazuha are still as the same as when the series has started, makes me disappointed.

They are childhood friends and the both of them have no luck with confessions, because they tried to confess each other infinite times. Especially Heiji, that the last time ended up doing kabedon on Kaito Kid instead of Kazuha because he was about disguising himself as her. And... Heiji didn't notice the thing.

Anyway, they are very vute together and the fact that they know well each other makes clear how strong their bond is even if they spend half of the time that they are together arguing about everything and everywhere. But Heiji would love to give his own life for her, as Kazuha would for him. They surely are born to be together, I just hope one day Heiji will find the right time and the right place to confess... before we get old~

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